Tenina.com's Prosciutto Wrapped Cheese Ball



  1. Place cheeses, Umami paste, a little of the rosemary and white wine into TM bowl and blend 1 min/speed 7. Stop and scrape down sides of bowl and lid as needed.

  2. Lay the prosciutto into a star pattern on a piece of foil or baking paper.

  3. Dollop the cheese mixture into the centre of the prosciutto and push together to form a round, using a spatula.

  4. Wrap each piece of the prosciutto up and over the cheese, wrapping it completely. Garnish with remaining sprig of rosemary.

  5. Refrigerate for flavour to develop for at least 24 hours.

  6. Preheat a cast iron pan in a hot oven (220°C).Place the cheese into the pan and back into the oven. Cook for around 10–15 minutes or until the prosciutto is fragrant and the cheese is starting to melt.

  7. Serve immediately with bread, toast or crackers of choice.

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