Tenina.com's Smoked Spiced Christmas Eggnog



  1. Place sugar, coconut milk, eggs and vanilla into the Thermomix bowl and cook 8 min/80°C/speed 4.

  2. Cook 2 min/90°C/speed 4.

  3. Pour into a container, place a piece of baking paper onto the surface of the custard and allow to cool completely. Refrigerate.

  4. Return custard to the Thermomix bowl and add the top solid layer of the coconut cream, reserving the clear liquid for another use. Add oils or dried spices and combine 8 sec/speed 4.

  5. Keep chilled until ready to serve. Top with whipped coconut cream if desired and sprinkle with ground cinnamon.

  6. To smoke the eggnog; Place full serving cups onto a heat proof surface. Make sure you have a glass dome that will fit over everything and seal it completely. Place the cinnamon sticks into an ovenproof bowl and light it using the kitchen torch. Cover the eggnog and cinnamon sticks with the dome, the fire will go out and the smoke will fill the dome. Let it dissipate completely before opening. Drink immediately.

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