Tenina.com's Spicy Chilli Peanut Rice



  1. Cook rice in the Thermomix as recommended by the machine. I don't like the rice cooking function, so my recommendation is to use the simmering basket and plenty of water, 16 min/100°C/speed 4/spatter guard. Tip the rice into a large bowl and season and stir through the lime juice. Set aside.

  2. If you haven't already roasted the peanuts, do this while the rice is cooking.

  3. Heat plenty of EVOO and about half of the butter in a frying pan to a medium high heat.

  4. Add the mustard seeds (expect some drama here when you add them and stand back) and cook them for around 30 seconds. They will pop immediately. Add the curry leaves and turn off the heat. (Again there will be some spitting.) When the leaves are crispy, add this mixture to the rice.

  5. Add some EVOO to the pan and the remaining butter. Bring up to a medium high heat and add the shallot, garlic and green chilli. Saute until fragrant, scrape the solids into the rice and then add the roasted peanuts to this fragrant oil mixture for a couple of minutes. Add more butter if necessary. Add to the rice.

  6. Stir everything together, add the coriander and finally garnish with the red chilli. Serve warm or cold as an accompaniment to any dish needing a scoop of rice! We served it with roasted salmon and veggies that had been brushed with Sweet Garlic Hoisin Sauce. It was DEE-lish!

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