Tenina.com's Waikiki Poke Bowl



  1. Make the dressing by choosing at least 4 of the ingredients and blending 10 sec/speed 10. You should choose an acid, a fat, some flavouring and a salty ingredient.

  2. Dice everything as instructed. Toss the salmon or tuna in some of the dressing and set aside in the fridge while you prepare the rest.

  3. Steam the rice by placing into the simmering basket. Rinse the water for steaming over the tip and into the Thermomix bowl. Steam rice 30 min/100°C/speed 4. Cool.

  4. Prep everything into small bowls and allow people to serve themselves. Otherwise assemble bowls starting with rice, and adding everything else on top.

  5. Sprinkle with garnishes and drizzle with any remaining dressing or mayonnaise.

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