Tenina.com's Traditional Aussie Meat Pies



  1. Place parsley into Thermomix bowl and chop 4 sec/speed 7. Set aside.

  2. Place garlic, onion and oil into Thermomix bowl and chop 3 sec/speed 8. Sauté 5 min/Varoma/speed 1.

  3. Add parsley, cornflour, beef, sauces and mushrooms to Thermomix bowl and cook 10 min/100ºC/speed 1.

  4. Cool completely before making pies.

  5. Pre-heat oven to fan forced 200ºC

  6. Shortcrust Pastry;

  7. Place flour, butter and salt into Thermomix bowl and blend 3 sec/speed 6.

  8. Add water through hole in lid as you continue to blend on speed 5 until pastry forms a ball. Remove from bowl and mold into flat disc. Chill whilst you make filling.

  9. Roll shortcrust pastry out to 2mm thickness and line 6 large muffin holes in ‘Texas’ size muffin tin. Double line the base of each pie, by re rolling pastry and cutting to suit. Place in freezer until use.

  10. Fill lined pie shells with cold mixture, top with puff pastry top. Cut cross slit in pastry and cook for 30-35 minutes until golden and puffy. Allow to cool slightly before removing from tray.

  11. If you prefer to skip the whole shortcrust base thing, do so, use the ceramic pie dish (or dishes for individuals) and just use Puff Pastry as a topper...as shown. YUM!


Serve hot.

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