Tenina.com's Slow Cooked Ham Hocks and Broth



  1. Place all ingredients in order listed into your slow cooker. Adjust quantities if required according to the size of your slow cooker.

  2. Cook on the lowest setting until the meat is falling off the bones.

  3. Drain and reserve the broth, I would sieve this to remove all of the peppercorns, garlic etc, but keep the veggies if you wish.

  4. Cool the meat, remove the skin and bones, and shred meat by placing it into the Thermomix bowl, 3 sec/Reverse/speed 3.


Serve this on Cheesy Saged Polenta, Garlicky Chickpea Mash, Tenina’s Cauliflower Puree, or straight mash with loads of veggies. Alternatively, use the shredded ham and the broth for the Spring Green Pea and Ham Soup recipe.

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