These are the common questions I get asked all the time. Feel free to contact me though if I am missing anything!

How long did it take to compile these questions? A long time, so please read them!

I purchased an ebook, how to add it to my ipad or iphone?

Simply follow this video guide on how to put you pdf ebook into the ibooks app on your ipad: How to add pdfs to your iPad

When do you ship things from your store?

We ship every day of the year (unless any of those days falls on a public holiday then we are sunning ourselves by the pool, sorry).

Orders must be received by 10am WST on shipping days to be sent the next day. Any orders received after this time will go the next shipping day.

We no longer offer express post as an option for any of our products. This is because we are shipping every working day and your order will only take a few days if you are based in an Australian city, a bit longer if in a rural region or overseas.

You will receive a tracking number email from Aussie Post once your order has left the building. Please check with them first before contacting us if you have a question as to the whereabouts of your order.

If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding our shipping procedures please email hello@tenina.com after which our massive team of problem solvers will swing into problem solving mode and sort it.

I don't have a thermomix, can I still make your recipes?

If you like the look of these recipes and you wondering how to achieve the same results but without a thermomix, we can suggest two things;

What is EVOO?

OK, If I had a $1 for every time I got asked this one!!

EVOO is an acronym for Extra Virgin Olive Oil....get it?

Now please stop with the emails. Bless you all.

What type of oven is best?

Not all ovens are born equal and one of the most common questions asked is about fan forced or not? Fan forced is how the recipes are usually cooked in testing. This means the temperatures in the recipes are accurate as stated. However, the Australian standard for temperature compliance in ovens is 30°C either side of the stated temperature. This clearly means you could have a hot or a cool oven without any supplier having to inform you.

For the best most reliable ovens please use the Kleenmaid branded ovens. They have a standard of 5°C either side of stated temperature. If you seem to have more failures than not, blame the oven, then go and purchase a thermometer to make sure. Alter recipes as needed accordingly.

I need help with making the Sourdough, any advice?

The Cheats Sourdough recipe requires you to make a normal batch of dough, retain 200g of that dough (unbaked) and then let it go sour before adding it to the next batch of dough that you make. Once again, remove 200g and keep it for the next batch. Over time, the ‘starter’ will become more and more sour.

I have questions about the Umami Paste?

We all do, but, Umami Paste is the recipe we are asked most about. There is a vegetarian version, a nut free version and the plain ole every day amazing version that we all know and love! Recipe link is HERE and the recipe appears in all of Tenina’s published cookbooks. So:

Vegetarian; omit anchovies and add 1 tbsp tamari or soy sauce or miso paste.

Nut Free; Omit nuts and add toasted seeds, or dried mushrooms. You will not need the same weight of mushrooms as nuts. A handful will do.

Dulse flakes are a sea vegetable and can be purchased online from the tenina store which, by the way, has FREE Shipping.

We heard that Tenina.com is one of the world’s greatest websites ever

This is correct. We stand proudly at number 9.

If Tenina.com is at number 9, who is on the list of first 15 greatest websites ever?

We cannot go into detail, but Crio Bru is number 10

I have a specific recipe question, how do I contact you?

Well, that is a loaded question isn’t it now. SO...we have several social media channels that you should explore first. If it is about any of the recipes that appear on this website or in any of Tenina’s published works, we are pretty confident that if you ask the question on Facebook, or Instagram, Tenina or other ppl on the page will answer faster than if you send an email. But you can do that as well. For recipe questions, please email hello@tenina.com If it is a more general question about cooking or recipes, please go and google it! (Just sayin’)