Recipe Questions:

Q – I do not have a Thermomix, will I still be able to make the recipes?

A – Yes, most recipes will have alternative non-Thermomix steps which utilise standard kitchen appliances. We are currently in the process of adding each recipe without the use of a Thermomix so keep an eye out for new non-Thermomix recipes each week.

Q – What is EVOO?

A – EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Q – What type of oven is best?

A – All ovens have a range of different features, and temperatures can vary oven to oven. Fan forced is the standard setting used when recipes are tested, therefore use the fan forced setting for each recipe unless otherwise stated. I can give your more advice on ovens if you are interested but it is best to talk to a professional, please email belinda.hart@hartandcoappliances.com.au and tell her I sent you!

Q – I need help making sourdough, what is your best advice?

A – The best advice for sourdough would be to join our Lazy Sourdough Bakery course, which has been hugely successful. To see the wild success that everyone has been having, join our https://www.facebook.com/group...

Q – What is umami paste?

A – We offer many different versions of the umami paste. Along with the original, we offer a vegetarian version and a nut free version. You can view the umami paste recipe here (https://tenina.com/recipes/uma...)

Umami Paste can bring about many questions, if you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Q - Where can I get Callebaut chocolate from?

A – Callebaut chocolate can be purchased at Costco these days. However they generally only stock the dark milk 54% which is a great place to start and will usually be about right for any recipe calling for dark chocolate. For other chocolate ratios, you can purchase online or in specialised grocery stores. Tenina is passionate about quality ingredients and has travelled to Ghana to see Callebaut chocolate’s bean to bar process. The quality and ethical nature of the chocolate, we believe makes it the best on the market.

Shop Questions:

Q - I have purchased an eBook, how do I add it to my iPad or iPhone?

A – Simply follow the link for a video guide on how to add your eBook onto the iBook app – link

Q - I don't want to pay shipping if possible. Do you ever offer free shipping?

A - If the sub total of your cart reaches $150AUD we will offer free shipping Australia wide. Unfortunately we cannot offer international free shipping.

Q – When are items shipped from the store?

A – Orders received by 10am WST on business days will be sent the following business day.

Unfortunately, we do not offer express post, however all items will be sent as soon as possible and should arrive within a few business days. Due to covid we have found that orders are taking a little longer than they used to. Please be patient.

You will receive a tracking number from Australia Post once your order has been dispatched from the store. If you have any queries with the tracking or postal service, please contact Australia Post directly at auspost.com.au/help-and-support

If you have any other questions regarding shipping please contact us at hello@tenina.com

Work with Me Questions:

Q – What type of brands, do you typically work with?

A – We work and have worked with a range of brands from food and ingredient items to kitchen appliances and cooking events. For more information head to the Work with Me page.

Q – I want to know more about the Cooking With Tenina brand, how can I get more information?

A – You can find out more information through requesting a media kit on the Work with Me page, which will give you insights into the Cooking With Tenina brand. Alternatively email Tenina directly at tenina@tenina.com.au for any other enquires

Media queries:

For all media queries please contact Gemma Jungwirth at eatme@tenina.com thank you