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  • Foodie Trips are back, we are loving that!

*Our recipes that work are suitable for all Thermomix models as well as other Thermo Cooker brands on the market.

Rachel Iry; I love being part of the INSIDER CLUB as I truly believe I get more than I pay for. It's absolutely value for money and quality.

Adele Patroni: It's so easy to produce chef like meals when following the recipes on the Insider Club.

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We now have three fantastic online courses available, Lazy Sourdough Bakery, The Whole Scoop and now Shelf Control. Both the sourdough and ice cream courses come with a hefty discount when you are an insider. The Shelf Control course is completely free as a signed up Insider Clubber, so don't delay! BAM save $20 immediately!

Tenina TV


We LOVE making videos for you

Come join us for more than just the legit stuff, there are plenty of bloopers too!

Online Recipe Videos

The very best part of the whole Insider Club is the amazing video class collection. Laugh your way through hundreds of video tutorials while you learn amazing techniques, handy tips for better, easier cooking with downloadable ebooks and recipes.

We have literally 100's of videos on offer and more added all the time! Last month we focused on making your own alternative milks. This month we have done an entire series about the perfect sponge cake and ways to use it, so that you will become an expert very quickly when you join us!

Jennifer Mammen; 'I love the new recipes that are added all the time. Just love the videos especially the bloopers. The Insiders Club is really great value, monthly discounts, videos, ebooks alone is the yearly fee with benefits and more. Highly recommend to join, you wont be disappointed. It's like belonging to the Mafia...all good wicked it.'

Anne Thomas; Why do I love the Insiders Club?
Because Tenina shares not only her knowledge but also shares the Bloopers as well. Very rewarding. Making the Club one big family.

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OUR LATEST EBOOK showing you how to give gourmet gifts all year round!

We are super excited to to offer as part of your Insider Club membership all of our latest ebooks, including the full versions of Cooking with Tenina, Keeping it Simple (both out of print) and also For Food's Sake. WOW. All FREE as part of your Insider Club ebook library.

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Back Catalogue of all existing Thermomix recipe ebooks! Valued at over $600 and counting!

Part of your Insider library includes all of the existing ebooks that are available (and there are a lot)

RRP over $500 and increasing all the time

  • What’s for Dessert?
  • What’s for Breakfast?
  • Merry Christmix
  • Souperbowl
  • Tenina's Top Twenty Five
  • Merry Christmix TOO
  • Nifty But Thrifty
  • Portable Lunches
  • Top Twenty Five Mexican Fiesta
  • Top Twenty Five Ice Cream Recipes
  • A Very doTERRA Christmix
  • 12 Recipes of Christmix
  • Choc-A-Block Christmix
  • Varoma Therapy
  • Tenina's Killer Collection
  • Cobram Long Table Lunch
  • Callebaut Gold Chocolate Recipes
  • My Thai; Top 25 + Thai recipes
  • Cracker of a Christmas Collection
  • FakeAway, Better Than Take Away
  • The Magic 10; Turmeric Collection
  • The Magic 10; Gluten Free Collection
  • The Magic 10; Spicy Collection
  • The Magic 10; Bread Collection
  • Go Slower; Thermomix to your Slow Cooker
  • The Magic 10; Chicken Dinners
  • The Magic 10; Keto Collection
  • The Magic 10; Vegetarian Collection
  • The Magic 10; Chocolate Collection
  • The Magic 10: Plant Based Collection
  • The Magic 10; Lemon Collection
  • Amazing Grazing for the Festive Season
  • The Magic Ten; Brunch Collection
  • Heal Your Pantry, Heal Your LIfe; The Challenge
  • Heal Your Pantry, Heal Your Life; The Recipes
  • Immunity Mix: Recipes to Help Boost your Immunity
  • For Food's Sake
  • The Magic 10: Vanilla Collection
  • Around the World in 18 Ways
  • White Christmas 2020
  • Currying Flavour
  • Just Air Fry Me
  • Cheese High Tea
  • Keeping it Simple
  • Pemberton Truffle Kerfuffle
  • Bonus Content from The Weekend Table
  • Revive and Thrive Smoothie Challenge
  • Cooking with Tenina; great recipes for your Thermomix
  • The Twelve Mocktails of Christmas
  • Macaron Master Class booklet
  • Shelf Control the course book
  • The Magic 10: Macadamias
  • Twenty Under Twenty
  • The Gourmet Gift Advent Calendar

Rebecca Parsonage Tenina's great recipes all in one place, the amazing discount codes every month and all the tips we get!

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Valued at over $44 itself, with 200+ pages) this beautiful ebook is full of fantastic recipes, inspirational pictures and plenty of Santa's helpers hints and tips along the way. Cracker of a Christmas is your bible for all things festive! AND it's yours for FREE with Insider Club Membership!

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Monthly Discount Offers

Save $ every month with our partner discounts

We are always looking for new exciting opportunities to share with you to increase your food passion! Giving you great discounts on products we love is something we do every month! Plus the chance to win goodies from our favourite peeps monthly as well!

AND there are ongoing discounts through the all year round as well. You save your membership fee as soon as you go shopping with us!

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Online Menu Builder

The Exclusive Menu Builder

Make your weekly menu planning so simple;

As of today, there are well over 5000 amazing menus, created by users on the Inside! WOW.

One of our favourite features for the Insider Club is the exclusive Menu Builder. Create and keep as many menus as you like from all the content on the website. Use this for your weekly family meal planning or to create special occasion menus like 'Tenina's Sunday Family Dinner', or 'Bree is Turning Forty Dinner Party'. Add or remove recipes, save and generate a shopping list for the entire menu at the click of a button. You can also print off all of the recipes in the menu for easy preparation or share your menu with others using the social share buttons.

Jenny Mallet; There's no need for dinner to be boring, soooo many scrumptious recipes with flavours from all over the world ❤❤❤

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Thermomix Insider Only Recipes

Exclusive Insider Club Recipes

We saved the best for last.

You will not only have unlocked access to all of the existing Insider Club recipes that are already on site, you will receive exclusive new recipes every week that are for Insiders only. YES we are adding NEW RECIPES every week! EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Exclusive. Ready to be cooked. With great pics. Add them to your menus. You’re welcome.

Of course all Insider Club members will still have access to all of the FREE content that has always been available to users.

Wens Vagner; You don’t need a Thermomix (we have a Magimix Cook Expert) to enjoy Tenina’s amazing recipes and join in all the fun, classes and discounts.

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Foodie Trips

In May, we returned from our first foodie trip since 2019, Vietnam. We have also just returned from Thailand. This was an incredible trip where lifelong memories were made. Next up is KL Malacca and Singapore in March 2024. All the details are in store now - tickets are selling fast. Proof that it's not hard to be an Insider! At all!

Next year also sees the return of Vietnam (already sold out) & we are adding Portugal. I hope you can join me!

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What People are Saying about the Thermomix Insider Club


Being in the Thermomix Insider Club has benefited me by allowing me access to all of Tenina's delicious recipes, including all of her ebooks! I love her wit and the videos are like having a private cooking class in your own home.


I do not know of any other food expert who makes so much of their material available, both past, present and future. It's great to see something like the Insider Club that means regardless of where in the world you are, you can tune in to exclusive recipes, cooking classes, recipes from classes and video demonstrations of recipes and techniques, partner discounts and much much more. The videos are my favourite so far. No more relying on lengthy 'half baked' metaphors and wordy descriptions on consistency and shape, I can rely on a visual and see it being done. Thanks for taking the celebrity and status out of this game and putting the customer first.

Kelly Rodgers

Serious value - with serious flavour. Tenina delivers the Goods, with her fabulous style - every time! Recipes, discounts, digital cookbooks - there’s no better value anywhere else!


Insider club is like Narnia but nothing bad happens. Tenina is like Aslan with this culinary wisdom and soul food soothing smile and I'm like Lucy, constantly wide eyed and wide mouthed at what adventure is next. Those on the other side of the cupboard (pantry) can't imagine the delights that are beyond!


This is so cool! Suddenly I'm all enthused to menu plan now that someone else is organising them for me. It's like Pinterest for recipes. But no need to hunt through 20,000 random recipes hoping to stumble upon a good one; if it is in the Insider Club you know it's guaranteed to be delicious.

First Access to secret Mixing business!

Our Insiders were lucky enough to test and give us feedback and information on how to improve the very new Drop app! (Thanks Insiders! We love this!) There is always something afoot, and Insiders have first look at it every time!

They also helped us by having first access to Brew Choc, the new flavour we love to savour! Insider feedback is invaluable.

My new book has landed in Australia. And guess who chose the new book cover? Yup...Insiders. Plus they get a discount on the RRP through my site. Come and join our free 14 day trial today! We can't wait to welcome you!

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