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Do you need help being inspired in the kitchen?

Or are you already an accomplished cook but want to expand your cooking repertoire from the comfort of your own kitchen?

We are the leading online platform for all Thermomix models and other thermal blenders on the market today.

Join Tenina Holder and her amazing professional guest list as you laugh your way through hundreds of video tutorials while you learn amazing techniques, handy tips for better, easier cooking and downloadable ebooks and recipes. You could even become a video guest yourself!

With your subscription you have access to;

Hundreds of cooking tutorial videos
New Insider only recipes
Exclusive online menu builder
Dozens of ebooks added to monthly
Monthly discounts from all our favourite partner companies
Competitions with great prizes (We just gave away a Thermomix 6)
Foodie Trips and more

Whether you are brand new or experienced in the kitchen, we want to inspire you to create and enjoy real food more often and with more success and more food positivity.

We are here to make your cooking happier!

Happy Mixing! Yes that’s us!

Rachel Iry; I love being part of the INSIDER CLUB as I truly believe I get more than I pay for. It's absolutely value for money and quality.

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That's less than $2 a week!

We have just given away a Thermomix 6 to celebrate our birthday and we have something EVEN BIGGER coming!

We are always looking for new exciting opportunities to share with you to increase your food passion! Giving stuff away is something we do pretty well and we are now in the planning stages of something even bigger than a trip to Cobram Estate Olive Grove or a Thermomix 6. WOW. Stay tuned and jump on in to be an Insider for when it counts!

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OUR VERY NEW Go Slower; Thermomix to your Slow Cooker is FREE to Insiders

The latest from our Test Kitchen is the very popular Go Slower; Thermomix to your Slow Cooker. This long awaited title has over 70 pages of delicious recipes that you can easily recreate with your food processor or Thermomix and your trusty slow cooker or Dutch oven. SIMPLE. Cook while you do other stuff. Feed your family with simplicity and ease. Winter is looking good.

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FREE CRACKER OF A CHRISTMAS EBOOK just in time for Christmas in July!

With ALL of the Christmas content I have ever created, (over 200 pages) plus more, this beautiful ebook is valued at $55 on its own! Fantastic recipes, inspirational pictures and plenty of Santa's helpers hints and tips along the way. The only Christmas recipe book you will ever need, this is your bible for all things festive! AND it's yours with Insider Club Membership!

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Back Catalogue of all existing ebooks!

Part of your Insider library includes all of the existing ebooks *PRE LAUNCH of Insider Club plus FREE access to selected NEW ebook titles as they are released. RRP over $200 and increasing all the time

  • What’s for Dessert?
  • What’s for Breakfast?
  • Merry Christmix
  • Souperbowl
  • Tenina's Top Twenty Five
  • Merry Christmix TOO
  • Nifty But Thrifty
  • Portable Lunches
  • Top Twenty Five Mexican Fiesta
  • Top Twenty Five Ice Cream Recipes
  • A Very doTERRA Christmix
  • 12 Recipes of Christmix
  • Choc-A-Block Christmix
  • Varoma Therapy
  • Tenina's Killer Collection
  • Cobram Long Table Lunch
  • Callebaut Gold Chocolate Recipes
  • My Thai; Top 25 + Thai recipes
  • Sweets & Treats (doterra dessert book)
  • Cracker of a Christmas Collection
  • Fake Away, Better Than Take Away
  • The Magic Ten; Turmeric Collection
  • The Magic Ten; Gluten Free Collection
  • The Magic 10; Spicy Collection
  • The Magic 10; Bread Collection
  • Go Slower; Thermomix to your Slow Cooker
  • The Magic 10; Chicken Dinners

Maggie Taylor; 'I'm a member of this fantastic Insider family! What's not to love? Great recipes especially for us, free access to the ebooks, the amazing menu planner, "how to" videos, instant help when needed, fun and laughter every day and excellent discounts each month.....and that's just the tip of the iceberg!! Only it's warmer!!'

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Monthly Discount Offers

Exclusive Online Discount Offers

We have partnered with some of our favourite Australian online retailers to bring you stuff you love, and stuff we think you'll love, at an Insider only discount. PLUS we have been able to have some fantastic giveaways like trips away to have me cook lunch, or exclusive chocolate, or knife sets. If you are outside Australia, these vouchers may not be available depending on the company's shipping policy. Please read terms and conditions for each offer carefully before use.

Tammy Broad; 'I looove the video exclusives, I've been an owner for years but have learnt so many new tricks and tips from the videos, and the EBooks and discounts are unbelievable value which is a great bonus!'

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Online Classes

Online Recipe Videos

Tenina's favourite part of the whole Insider Club is the amazing video class collection. We add new video content every month, with great methods being demonstrated such as pastry laminating, chocolate tempering, meringue whispering and plenty more. Our list of videos will just get longer and longer each month. (And we will take recipe requests!!)

We have literally 100's of videos on offer and more added all the time, 'Tenina Thermomix TV' is just getting better and better. We are hosting guest chefs and experts and you can even get in on the action with the newest Come Raid My Fridge series.

Videos include great recipe tutorials, Q and A, focus on ingredients, product reviews and other general Thermomixing advice, hints and tips.

Jennifer Mammen; 'I love the new recipes that are added all the time. Just love the videos especially the bloopers. The Insiders Club is really great value, monthly discounts, videos, ebooks alone is the yearly fee with benefits and more. Highly recommend to join, you wont be disappointed. It's like belonging to the Mafia...all good wicked stuff...love it.'

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Cooking Class Recipe Booklet PDF's

You have been asking for these since the beginning and now here they are. All the recipes to all the classes you never got to in an easy PDF format.

  • Tenina's Killer Collection
  • Cooking with Tenina cookbook class
  • Currying Flavour
  • Comforting Comfort Foods
  • Celebrate and Bake
  • Thai Thai Again cooking class
  • Mexican Fiesta Cooking class
  • For Foods Sake cooking class
  • The Doterra Cooking class
  • Sneaky Peek at Tenina’s America launch booklet
  • Cook Once Eat Twice cooking class

Lia Healy; 'I have nothing holistic or new age healthy to say... just that when I want something sinfully, mind blowingly delicious - Tenina is my homegirl and the Insider Club gives me ALL the recipes. I've lost zero kilos, but my heart is full of chocolatey, ice creamy, pasta-y goodness. Best money I've ever spent.'

Online Cooking Classes

As an Insider you will receive a FREE front row seat to Tenina’s LIVE online cooking classes. We already have three live cooking class replays on the inside, with the recipes ready for you to download, watch and cook! Go and join in the fun as soon as you are an Insider Club Member. What a welcome!!

Judy Gabriel; 'Love that you are yourself. I went to a class in Canberra and thought wow what a great lady. She is some one to admire as she knows what she is talking about and she is a lot of fun. Many laughs 😘'

Online Menu Builder

The Amazing Menu Builder

Make weekly menu planning so simple;

One of our favourite features for the Insider Club is the new and exclusive to us, Menu Builder. Create and keep as many menus as you like from all the content on the website. Use this for your weekly family meal planning or to create special occasion menus like 'Tenina's Sunday Family Dinner', or 'Bree is Turning Forty Dinner Party'. Add or remove recipes, save and generate a shopping list for the entire menu at the click of a button. You can also print off all of the recipes in the menu for easy preparation or share your menu with others using the social share buttons.

Tammy Richards-Robinson; 'I love that I get great recipes with a mix that caters to all and includes GF options for me, I love the videos, recipes, the perks but best of all I luv seeing your smiling face .... and quirkiness that goes into the videos ohhh and the camaraderie there is in the group .... great value for great price and free laughs!'

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Insider Foodie Trips

We have just ONE place left in our first ever Singapore Foodie Fling for Insiders only. This is an exciting opportunity to visit one of the world's food capitals with someone who knows where to go and what to eat first! Tenina will accompany you on this trip of a lifetime. All the details are in store bit.ly/SingaporeFF Proof that it's not hard to be an Insider! At all!

We have plans for an annual foodie fling, so get in early and start the adventure!

Insider Only Recipes

Exclusive Insider Club Recipes

We saved the best for last.

You will not only have unlocked access to all of the existing Insider Club recipes that are already on site, you will receive exclusive new recipes every week that are for Insiders only. YES we are adding NEW RECIPES every week! EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Exclusive. Ready to be cooked. With great pics. Add them to your menus. You’re welcome.

Of course all Insider Club members will still have access to all of the FREE content that has always been available to Tenina.com users.

Elizabeth Davies; 'I love accessing recipes that non members can't and love the discounts...'

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What People are Saying about the Insider Club


Being in the Insider Club has benefited me by allowing me access to all of Tenina's delicious recipes, including all of her ebooks! I love her wit and the videos are like having a private cooking class in your own home.


I do not know of any other food expert who makes so much of their material available, both past, present and future. It's great to see something like the Insider Club that means regardless of where in the world you are, you can tune in to exclusive recipes, cooking classes, recipes from classes and video demonstrations of recipes and techniques, partner discounts and much much more. The videos are my favourite so far. No more relying on lengthy 'half baked' metaphors and wordy descriptions on consistency and shape, I can rely on a visual and see it being done. Thanks for taking the celebrity and status out of this game and putting the customer first.

Kelly Rodgers

Serious value - with serious flavour. Tenina delivers the Goods, with her fabulous style - every time! Recipes, discounts, digital cookbooks - there’s no better value anywhere else!


Insider club is like Narnia but nothing bad happens. Tenina is like Aslan with this culinary wisdom and soul food soothing smile and I'm like Lucy, constantly wide eyed and wide mouthed at what adventure is next. Those on the other side of the cupboard (pantry) can't imagine the delights that are beyond!


This is so cool! Suddenly I'm all enthused to menu plan now that someone else is organising them for me. It's like Pinterest for recipes. But no need to hunt through 20,000 random recipes hoping to stumble upon a good one; if it is in the Insider Club you know it's guaranteed to be delicious.

First Access to secret Mixing business!

Our Insiders were lucky enough to test and give us feedback and information on how to improve the very new Drop app! (Thanks Insiders! We love this!) There is always something afoot, and Insiders have first look at it every time!

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