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I am delighted to promote businesses that align with the products I love or the recipes that I produce for this website. If you think you may have something that would interest me or be of interest to my readers, feel free to contact me ( for further information. In the meantime, please see below for some interesting statistics as well as some of our suggested promotional avenues.

Tenina’s important stats; Current as of NOVEMBER 2018 page views for last 12 months over 2.5 million and approx 10+K hits per day 115,00+

Closed facebook group Cooking with Tenina 19,000+

Weekly Newsletter subscribers 30,500+

Insider Club Subscribers 1200+ 136K viewers per month 28+K 1700+

Insider Club Discount of the Month: Insider Club membership fluctuates monthly. These members have direct access to anything I wish to feature to them. They are the real fans who pay just under $100 per annum to be the first to see, adopt anything, and everything! We love to offer our Insiders the very best deals on EVERYTHING we can that is in any way related to food, cooking, appliances or kitchens. We have a monthly discount, usually but not limited to a specific product with a great offer for Insiders. We often add a prize draw into this depending on the company involved.

You Tube Videos for your product; Youtube videos; fun professionally produced video recipes developed for your product by Tenina and with Tenina presenting in her funny and engaging manner, viewed by 1000’s of ppl per week.

Featured Blogger of the week; Would you like to appear on as our featured blogger of the week? Please email Make sure you include your blog link. We are looking for yummy recipes, beautiful photos and plenty of social sharing to happen if we select you! It will be fun and good for you and for us! Hope to hear from you soon. You do not have to be a Thermomix fan or even own one. We just want delicious, healthy, made from scratch food!


I have done work or am an Influencer for the following products and businesses;