Drop Smart Kitchen Scale And Me! A New Partnership!
November 1st 2018

I am totally thrilled to announce my new partner in Making Food More, the Drop Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe App. I have had a Drop Scale for at least 18 months now and I LOVE it. Imagine my excitement to be asked to become a Drop Recipe Partner? YEP, Thermomix recipes of all sorts going up onto the Drop app for all of you out there in Thermo land to utilise, cook and well, make food more! Read..

Entertain Without Strain Or Pain
October 31st 2018

I hate to mention the C word, but Christmas is upon us and with it comes the usual entertaining events, dinners, parties, work do’s ad infinitum. Plus for your foodie friends, there will no doubt need to be some gifting of amazing homemade goodies that you will need to put into the mix as well. And then, after the party season ends, we have the lazy BBQ season to look forward to, all of which require food, and usually plenty of it. Read..

A Couple Of Tips
October 19th 2018

Tenina was the first ever Head of Recipe Development for Thermomix in Australia and you have probably cooked one or more of her many recipes. Today she is a best selling Thermomix cookbook author, and is not afraid of salt, butter or sugar. She also believes chocolate is a health food. Join her on for great recipes, videos and classes. Read..

Grazing Tables; The How To Article.
October 12th 2018

If you have been to any modern wedding of late, dined at friends homes or spent time at a fancy schmancy cocktail party or engagement soiree you will know that Grazing tables or platters or spreads are the thing right now. And with good reason. They are SO easy to put together once you get your head around the numbers. Read..

My Thai; The Top 25 Thai Inspired Recipes From My Palate To Your Kitchen
September 28th 2018

I love Thai food. Pure fragrant flavours, complex but easy to create, I simply cannot go past a good Thai curry. Give me kaffir lime, coconut cream, turmeric, chilli, coconut sugar, coriander and I am in heaven. In creating this collection I have discovered that I am ready to create an entire Thai does that sound? Read..

The Baker's Dozen Calendar 2019
September 26th 2018

I love a good crusty chewy bagel. YUM. I also love a fantastic cruller (look that one up, it's the May superstar...just in time for Mother's Day!) Or how about pizza that isn't pizza, but is focaccia? Or the only brownie recipe you will ever need? We've done them all in this one amazing little recipe calendar. Read..

That Quinoa News!
September 7th 2018

Adopting a more plant based diet is a goal of many, but it can be tough to know where to start. Vegan food doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless. On the contrary, vegan food can be some of the most flavorful food you’ve ever tasted. By utilizing the intensity of herbs and spices, you can ramp up the satisfaction and flavor profile of any dish. This can especially be true in regards to preparing seeds and grains that are virtually tasteless by themselves. Read..

The Thermomix Butterfly! Tips And Hints
August 30th 2018

We all love the fact that the Thermomix comes with very few add on gadgets. At least I do. Long gone are the days of drawers full of random accessories to go with your varying kitchen appliances, which usually ended up lost or forgotten and largely unused. Thermomixers have but three accessories with which to wrangle. Luckily Read..

Cutting The Mustard!
August 17th 2018

I am a mustard lover from way back. Even as a child I preferred a dollop of mustard on my burnt sausages to the more obvious tomato sauce that my siblings went for. Read..

Bali Foodie Feast 2018
August 14th 2018

I am not sure if you keep up with me on socials or not, but if you do, you will know that I take a foodie group to Bali each and every year. This year of course was no exception. Read on for foodie inspiration and news about how to join next years trip. Read..

My Top Ten Favourite Ingredients I Always Have In My Available In My Pantry.
July 23rd 2018

The Top Ten Ingredients you should have in your pantry I am almost always asked two questions when it comes to what I do. Number one...People often ask me how I get inspired to create recipes, and... Number two; what my favourite ingredients are. That is a hard one...but I have tried to narrow it down to just ten. As you can imagine I have a massive array of ingredients and my pantry is full to overflowing quite often with gifts sent to me by companies or followers for me to try, which I confess, I totally LOVE receiving. Read..

Varoma Therapy
July 14th 2018

I started my paid culinary life creating recipes for a steam oven. So imagine my delight to find out there was a steaming device that came with the Thermomix. I quickly converted a lot of my existing recipes to the Varoma. I was in love. Read..

Three Smoothies That Are Better Than Dessert!
June 15th 2018

Even though smoothies are usually considered to be breakfast style drinks, there is absolutely nothing wrong in whipping up a smoothie for dessert in my opinion. Sometimes it will get you through that naughty sweet craving without you breaking out the deep frier to make your own donuts at midnight...just sayin'. Read..

Pimp My Pantry
June 8th 2018

In my cooking classes I will often ask how long people have had their Thermomix and invariably someone will tell me they consider themselves a newbie. On further enquiry, they may have had their machine for any time ranging from a delivery literally that day to as long as up to a year. Either way, they still claim to be new to the world of Thermomix and are seeking more guidance or assistance to get the most out of their purchase. Read..

Meringue Tips; Or The Secret To Fluff!
May 10th 2018

You will have possibly heard a lot of conflicting stories when it comes to meringue and creating it in the Thermomix. I have a few tips that should make the experience less problematic, though it is a science and things can go wrong with meringue at almost any stage. Read..

Matcha Madness; 5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Going Mad For Matcha!
April 20th 2018


Souping It Up
March 14th 2018

Who doesn’t love a good soup at the right time. There are entire restaurants devoted to just soup...(think Jerry Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi! One of my favourite episodes!) If you love soup READ ON! Read..

Bali Foodie Fest 2017
August 10th 2017

I can barely believe it is August as I write this, which means I have been home (well, back) from Bali for ages...I have been travelling elsewhere, but I digress. Read..

16 Recipe Ideas For An Easter Feast
April 11th 2017

Here are some great ideas to have on your table this Easter. What more perfect time is there than to get the family around and cook some great food together. We have gathered a few of our favourite ideas for your Easter Feaster!! Now get Grandma settled with a GnT, cue the Egg hunt, and get mixing!! Read..

New Ebook: Top 25 Ice Cream Recipes And More!
February 2nd 2017

I love ice cream, sorbet, frozen desserts. Ever since discovering that my dad had created an award winning ice cream recipe when he worked for one of England’s biggest ice cream factories, I have been obsessed with creating (and of course eating) ice cream. The most recent runaway success has been the Killer Vanilla Ice cream recipe that now appears in this new ebook. It originally appeared in my last cookbook, Cooking with Tenina; More great recipes for the Thermomix which is widely available in print and on iBooks. So start your mixers people. You are about to find out that happiness is home made ice cream. Read..

Lamb For Australia Day (With A Pav Thrown In)
January 25th 2017

It is that day of the  year when all our minds turn to BBQ's and we get a bit nostalgic and patriotic. WELL, here are some recipes to go with all that. Lamb of course is a must. We have collected a few lamb recipes here for you, from the good ole Burger to an easy curry, which you could cook happily while you lay around a pool doing nothing. Just as it should be. Have a great holiday, and don’t forget the pav! Read..

Five Fruity Cocktails To Welcome The New Year
December 29th 2016

In the spirit of the season I thought we would pull together some of the best...five killer cocktails/mocktails that you can have on hand for the festivities that are just around the corner. Get mixing’s going to be a great 2017 and to see 2016 out, you are going to need at least one of these...with or without alcohol of choice!! Read..

Ten Tasty Temptations Using Christmas Leftovers
December 27th 2016

We all get over it...don’t we? The mad rush up to Christmas Day sees us all feeling a bit tired of the food fuss, and then when we open the fridge after the big event there is SO much food that it can be overwhelming. Well here is your answer. Use it all up, repurpose it all, and don’t forget, wrapping up just about anything in delicious home made pastry makes it a new winner!! Read..

Three Merry Christmix Menus
December 13th 2016

Not one but three delicious Christmas menus all organised for you. All you have to do is write your shopping list and check it twice! The rest is easy... Read..

My Top Five Recipes Using Evoo
November 30th 2016

It’s no secret. I love my Extra Virgin Olive Oil, yes, EVOO.  I have been using Cobram EVOO for quite a few years now and I just love it. There are a few different flavours that work well across all of my recipes. Even if you are not an EVOO fan (though how could that be??), you could become one with these recipes. Read..

My New Christmix Mini Ebook.
November 12th 2016

After a crazy whirlwind year that has been 2016, I think we all need to catch a breath and do a little festive planning. And I am here to help you do just that! Read..

Two New Thermomix Calendars
September 15th 2016 when a fan suggested theming my Thermomix calendar for 2017, I was more than happy to oblige, then in trying to narrow it down and with future projects in mind, we ended up with TWO great we did both! Read..

Bali Foodie Feast 2016
June 22nd 2016


Merry Christmix One And Merry Christmix Too...the Printed Books!
October 30th 2015

This year (2015) has been much much bigger than I could have ever imagined at the beginning. I am not going to bore you with the details, but I can truly say things are really on a roll, and so high on our priority list was producing these former ebooks as ‘real’ printed cookbooks for you in time for the Silly Season, which whether you are in denial or not, is upon us! Read..

My Top Twenty Five
September 17th 2015

I would never have thought of this all by myself you know. But one night my husband said to me; Did you know that over 43,000 people were on the Salted Caramel Ice Cream recipe in the last few months? Staggering isn’t it? (Who has not made this yet? Hands up!) Read..

The 2016 Foodie Calendar
August 27th 2015

I don’t mind saying...I do love a good droolworthy calendar. Back in the day, as soon as the calendar stands started to appear in shopping centres, I would stop and spend ages trying to decide which food calendar to keep an eye on. Read..

Bali-Feast 2015 Or Bali’S Top Ten Foodie Events
July 12th 2015

An intrepid troop of 'Tenina Foodies', followed me north to the sunshine in the middle of our Aussie winter for a foodie trip like no other. Not for us the trekking through Kuta markets. We did it in style, leaving no fine dining opportunity unvisited, no new taste, untasted, and no luxurious spa treatment, ummm...un foot, unrubbed. Read..

Ebook: Merry Christmix Too, The New And Biggest Thermomix Ebook From Me To You!
October 31st 2014

Well my lovelies, when the first Merry Christmix ebook was released, I had big plans to release a new one every year. Oops. But only 2 years later, we have a Merry Christmix Too/Two hit the buy now button, download and print and you are on your way to the easiest, tastiest Christmix ever.  Read..

A Break Up Letter To Economy Air Travel
August 30th 2014

SO....if you keep up with me on social media, you will know that I recently travelled to Europe....on Singapore Airlines. Business class. Oh MY! Read..

Souper Bowl, The New Thermomix Ebook From Tenina
June 30th 2014

With over twenty five yummy recipes for thermomix, you will never need to go elsewhere for a soup recipe again!  Read..

Thermomix Ebook: What's For Breakfast?
January 1st 2014

I am not a big breakfast person, but when the breakfast recipe requests just seemed to keep coming in via my website, facebook page or emails, I thought it was about time I got down to it and did this book. Read..

Ebook: Merry Christmix
January 1st 2014

I love Christmas…and I love all things that come from the kitchen at Christmas time. There is something magical about the wafting fragrance of spices and cookies and roasting meats! There is great fun in all the work of preparing for guests to join in the celebration. I love getting the candles ready, the glasses polished, the cloths ironed and the food all just right. Read..

The New Ebook - What's For Breakfast?
October 16th 2013

What’s For Breakfast? is out and about and being used. I have had some great feedback already and if you haven’t already downloaded it, off you go. Read..

Top Ten Quinoa Recipes
July 22nd 2013

This is a collection of recipes featuring my favourite grain (or is that seed?) quinoa. Watch for a whole chapter in my new book devoted to this superfood. But for now, try some of these on for size and get acquainted with Kin-Wah! Read..

Top Ten Recipes Using Crio Bru
May 20th 2013

Oh there are so many more than ten…if you search Crio Bru in the toolbar, you will see for yourselves! But for now... Happy Brewing, and Happy mixing, and baking, and stewing, and eating…don’t forget the eating. Read..

The New Newsy Newsletter
April 25th 2013

My Newsy Newsletter will be just that. News, about what is happening in my little world. Not that exciting on most occasions, but always some great recipes and of course pre announcement of stuff that is important to the Thermo Mixing Community, like classes, and book launches etc. Are you in?? Not yet? Get on over to THIS LINK now and join us immediately. I will announce the winner on Facebook, Twitter and at the top of this post…you gotta be in it to win it! Read..

The Wedding Of The Year!
January 28th 2013

Well finally I have recovered and am getting on here to share all the excitement. On January 12th this year, my daughter Courtleigh, married her sweetheart Cameron and in the lead up I nearly lost the plot on a couple of occasions, but thanks to some amazing people, I survived! Read..

The Amazing Thermomix Forum
October 16th 2012

What to do when I just can’t come up with the goods? Or when I need some support? Or when I wish to go away on a foodie weekend with like mindedThermomix peeps who are equally crazy? Needless to say, I head across the wire to the friendliest bunch of ladies(and gents, Jeff and Den) who all care and share with such generosity, that it beggars belief. I am talking about theForum Thermomix, the place that I found waaaaay back when I was a thermie virgin and absolutely NO clue about what I was getting into. Little did I know I was practically joining a cult!(This is no laughing matter, and I kid you not, get evangelical or you’ll just never fit the mould!!) Read..

Tenina On Pinterest
December 30th 2011

This is a recipe free zone, but I guess that is what happens when I’m away and not internet connected! (Have finally sorted my very personal hotspot on my new iphone…not even Apple tech support could help me! Thank goodness my 16 year old son was looking over my shoulder and after some severe mocking, sorted it!) Read..

Twelve Recipes Of Christmas 2011
December 25th 2011

So from me, to you; and from Cookingwithtenina on Facebook, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. May you all have the time to Celebrate and Bake, and to feel the spirit of the season and may you all look forward to a wonderful 2012. (Cue the Christmas carols here….) Read..

No Recipe!
March 2nd 2010

It’s not that I didn’t cook for a few weeks, (well it kind of is), but it was also that I had an amazing couple of days in Sydney getting to know Mark Best a little…for those of you who don’t know who that is, take a gander at this! Read..

Viva Las Vegas
February 18th 2009

Just a quickie and NOOO recipe I’m afraid, though of course I had to do the Aussie thing and make a Pavlova complete with Kiwi fruit, imported Passionfruit pulp (imported by moi!) blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, ALL available, ALL year round in these United States!! Read..

Call For Comment!!
October 21st 2008

The time has come to make yourselves known. Although it sounds a little paranoid, or possibly vain, I have put some thought into leaving this blog up as a recipe resource, but not adding to it...yes, deserting my blog for other pastimes! Read..

Cyndi O'meara Rocks (Colloidally Speaking!)
October 21st 2008

Not a recipe post folks...but I had the opportunity this week of spending some time with Cyndi O'Meara. What an amazing person and so entertaining! Her philosophies are totally in line with a balanced life which is something I think many of us endeavor to achieve, and it was great to meet someone who believes in eating as a way to lose weight! Read..

American Excess Story!
August 5th 2008

Well here I am, back on Terra Australis...still unpacking, sorting out, recovering, re-adjusting to non holiday life. Had a great trip, and of course took pictures of food. Ate plenty of it...always seeking another taste sensation Read..

Tastes Of Australia.... And A Holiday
June 27th 2008

Thought I should let you all know that my blog may a little quiet for a month or so. I am off to the USA this very night to a University reunion, a family holiday, the obligatory Las Vegas and Disneyland visits and basically as much eating as I can fit in! Read..

I Finally Am A 'great Cook'
June 19th 2008

Well I always thought so, but now I know so…yes I have joined another cooking community and they are cooking with gas (and induction, and steam oven, and Thermomix, and Cross Fire and so on and so on!!!) They’re a friendly bunch with heaps of great food and recipe websites, so check it all out here; Read..

Thermomix Revolution!
May 29th 2008

OK…after umm-ing and ahh-ing I finally did it! I don’t know why I waited so long! WOW, what an amazing device. It is food processor, steam oven, induction all rolled into one. Of course there are things that can be done in both the steam oven and on the induction that cannot be done in the Thermomix, but by crikey, I’m in gadget love! Read..

Dear Mother's Day Breakfast In Bed
May 8th 2008

Well we all know it's coming...the dreaded burnt toast with a scraping of butter, some aging fruit salad with bits of skin still on, a cold, slightly undercooked egg, swimming in bacon grease, and possibly a lukewarm coffee or milo! Yes, Mother's Day breakfast in bed. Sit up and ENJOY! Read..

Top Ten Drizzles No Cook Should Be Without
May 3rd 2008

Now I know a lot of people think I talk drizzle, but on this occasion, I'm not referring to a weather pattern, a grumpy child or something you should really see a doctor about, but those amazing little additions to certain dishes that just seem to add pizazz and a little flair. Read..

Top Ten Things To Do With Pancake Batter
April 23rd 2008

10 different ways to use the simple pancake batter. Read..


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The New Ebook - What's For Breakfast?

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