We hope you are ready to heal your life as you heal your pantry! That is a big claim, but we are pretty sure you will see a change in how you approach your life this year if you commit to finishing the challenges we set you daily. It is not difficult. And we give you the weekend off in the middle to play catch up!

We officially start on February 10th but there are things you will need to do prior to that to be ready. Ten weekdays, a recipe or two per day to help your pantry be additive free! So sign up with a friend (for moral support) and get ready for some healthy changes!

We are excited to begin the challenge but there are a few things to do first!
Get organised to begin

It is time to do a pre-challenge clear out of your pantry.

  1. 1. Dispose of expired or out of date food
  2. 2. Mark down items you will need to purchase and make a plan to get them
Shopping List

You will now have received the shopping list email. We suggest you print it off and get to work!

  1. 1. Download and print shopping list
  2. 2. Cross off anything you don't need
  3. 3. Make a plan to shop the ingredients
Umami Paste
Day One

Today you are making your own version of MSG essentially. A flavour enhancer with no nasties. Read all about UMAMI, the fifth flavour HERE.

  1. 1. Make your Umami Paste
Day Two

It is time to overcome your naturally occuring fear of mayo! It is easy to make if you have the right recipe. And you do! ENJOY!

  1. 1. Make mayonnaise, but don't stop there!
  2. 2. Add flavours to your mayonnaise!
Day Three

Today you will make your own version of the iconic Aussie spread, Vegemite. We have loads of uses for this in our house and there is something pretty cool about making your own.

  1. 1. Make the Thermomite
  2. 2. Use it in ThermoMite Spaghetti!
Basic Pasta Sauce
Day Four

This sauce is literally one of my all time favourite recipes. I use it in SO many things. Start to think about all the times you wish you had a quick pasta, pizza, sauce and this too will become your go to!

  1. 1. Make the Sauce
  2. 2. Start using it in....
  3. 3. Make more
  4. 4. Use again
Basic Curry Paste
Day Five

Today's task is to make a delicious basic curry paste that can be tweaked as you make any curry you fancy. Add more chilies for heat, less to taste. More sweetness or saltiness depending on your own taste.

  1. 1. Make the Basic Curry Paste
Flatbreads or Crackers
Day Six

Today you will be making something that you probably buy versions of quite frequently. Those EVOO Crackers are to die for...and so are the Nutty Seeded Crackers...so many options...which will you choose?

  1. 1. Make crackers!
  2. 2. Make Keto crackers
  3. 3. Make tortillas or wraps
Nut and Seed Butters
Day Seven

Make as many as you think you can eat! We will have some recipes to use them in coming very soon.

  1. 1. Make Sunbutter (nut free)
  2. 2. Make Chocolate Peanut Butter
  3. 3. You're going to LOVE this one
Day Eight

There are loads of healthy reasons to make your own condiments, but it is also a lot of fun and there are flavour combos that will change your condiment life!

  1. 1. Make Mustard
  2. 2. Make Ketchup
  3. 3. Use them in something!
Protein Bliss Balls
Day Nine

The perfect before, during or after school/work snack and now they are healthy and cheaper too! We officially have an Ultimate Bliss Ball Chart now...you should really go and get it!

  1. 1. Make Bliss Balls
  2. 2. Get the chart! (See link above)
Italian Soda Syrup
Day Ten

There are countless ways to use these fruit syrups; think ice cream, milk shakes, soda stream, jellies, flummeries, cocktails. The list is quite endless.

  1. 1. Make the Italian Soda Syrup