Uno Mas Restaurant in Dublin

Uno Mas Restaurant in Dublin

Who knew there were so many great restaurants in Dublin? Not me. I cannot believe the culinary scene that is happening. I have visited twice now, (with more trips planned) and I am loving the food!

I have been in Dublin, visiting Drop HQ for secret recipe app business. It is a load of fun, and as with every food company I have worked with, the meals we share are a pretty pivotal part of the business of food! So I was more than delighted to find myself in a cosy little place, elegantly crowded with a bar towards the back, of the long narrow passageway of a restaurant with the bustling kitchen just in sight at the rear of the establishment!

We are greeted by such a friendly team. One of us has declared he is vegan way before arriving at the restaurant and they are totally creatively ready! We take our time to peruse the menu.

I'm really not hungry due to a bit of jet lag, it was about 4am in the morning for my stomach, and I hadn't slept yet, so food was a secondary need. But the menu woke me up.

'Where shall we begin?' At the beginning of course. The tapas is discussed with a definite yes from me on the bread with olive oil. Padron Peppers with salt flakes are also discussed and they are decided on. Luckily. How good are they? Really, really good. In the meantime, our vegan colleague is getting a rundown on all of the options already on the menu, plus a few suggestions of how they can help him with the mains and desserts. As we work our way through the olives and croquetas (DIVINE) as well as the truly awesome Padron Peppers, we finally have our favourites in firm sight.

We have graduated from tapas to starters, with the most beautiful veal carpaccio and broad beans, burrata caprese with tomatoes of course but also a fennel with a savoury crumb, defying all description. Totally delicious. There are cockles with chorizo in a broth that tastes like the sea. Fresh, salty, amazing.

Mains see me and Leann sharing a VERY big piece of salt aged roast beef, so good it melts in your mouth, with the crispiest of beef fat roasted potatoes and bearnaise sauce. We try to not wolf it down, drizzling the bearnaise delicately...and to think I wasn't hungry? It is irresistible.

There is the most beautiful dish of the night for Cormac, our vegan companion. Mushrooms and courgettes, with crisps and a technicolour green basil sauce with a punch of freshness.

The salt marsh duck is also AH-mazing, mouth wateringly tender. We are groaning about how full we are. The wine is flowing, the laughter is free and the restaurant staff are attentive. Do we want to see the dessert menu? Despite our shared fullness, yes we do, is that even a question?

There is a bit of a google translation search and I settle on Milhojas, a Spanish mille feuille. Layers of flaky buttery pastry with a creamy vanilla filling and a surprise raspberry jam in the centre of it all. YUM.

The chocolate ganache with olive oil and sea salt has to be everyone's favourite. Luckily we all share it. It is rich and decadent and divine. There is vegan berry sorbet, the colour of summer in a bowl, bright and intense. Of course Peter had to order the Manchego cheese plate. I am tempted to taste it, but there is serious doubt about me walking home at this stage. I decline. Like I'm being noble.

We bid goodnight to our hosts. We are all sure of our return. Who will be coming with me next time I wonder? Because I will be back. I'm sure of it.

Uno Mas Restaurant

6 Aungier Street
Dublin 2
D02 WN47

+353 1 475 8538

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