The Ultimate Smoothie Chart

The Ultimate Smoothie Chart

No matter what it is you’re looking for, you can probably find it at the bottom of a green smoothie glass. ~Britt Brandon, The Everything Green Smoothies Book

As much as the above quote made me smile, there is some truth in it.

Want to get fit? Drink more smoothies.

Need to improve your health and well being? Drink more smoothies.

Relationship problems? Throw a smoothie at him. (sorry...I think I just ran out of life reasons to drink more smoothies!)

I am not a huge smoothie lover, at least I wasn't, until I realised it was all in the recipe and blending time.

My husband would literally throw half a Thermomix bowlful of frozen fruit, then add almonds, greens of some description, maybe some yoghurt and who knows what else (we still talk about the carrot incident!) and then blitz for less than required, serve me a massive bowl of frozen brown sludge and wonder why I paled whenever he mentioned making a smoothie!

Creativity is my strong suit. It usually strikes at 3am when I am dozing and semi conscious. Smoothie came to me in the night. (As have most of my good ideas!)

So yep, here it is. The Ultimate Smoothie Chart. It will teach you how to make smoothies, with less grey sludge, less frozen inedible results.

We think it is pretty too, and of course you can print it as many times as you like.

You're probably wondering if it helped my husbands smoothie game. Yes. When the dreaded 'I'm going to make a smoothie' statement arises, I'm all about whether he has the smoothie chart in front of him. And the relief is, he now trusts the chart, relies on it even...and his smoothies are good. Really good. (Phew!)

Improve your Smoothie Game HERE

The Ultimate Smoothie Chart

Get all the Smoothies recipes you can imagine

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