Why join the Insider Club?

Why join the Insider Club?

The Insider Club has changed the way I view cooking. I know I can do anything if Tenina says I can! Then of course she follows through by showing me how or writing the recipe for things I never thought I could tackle. I made macarons! They were perfect! ~Naomi

Serious value - with serious flavour. Tenina delivers the Goods, with her fabulous style - every time! Recipes, discounts, digital cookbooks - there’s no better value anywhere else! ~Kelly

As a creator of content for Thermomix owners, (I hate being called an 'influencer' by the way) I really object to advertising on my site and we have been able to keep it ad free because of the wonderful Insider Clubbers who pay me year after year. I don't like to graffiti my site with ads any more than I would graffiti my front lawn with ads.

I cannot do what I do for free, so every cent that comes my way is channelled back into more amazing videos, recipes and books. We think it is time you joined us if you haven't already and help us keep going as a small business so we can keep creating more amazing content. The entire team will all thank you.

I know we bang on about the Insider Club almost constantly. But we have good reason to! Rather than hear it from me though, we thought we would let our Insiders do the talking! We are always honoured and delighted with the feedback we get from our Insider Club members. Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received recently. Come on in. You will be glad you did!

The Insider Club recipe collection is amazing, embraces new trends and old ones and continues to grow. I've left my foodie comfort zone on many occasion, following IC recipes to the latter and have been delighted with the outcome every time, hence the nickname FIGJAM. I love the writing style, the humour and banter, it's very Australian. Go You! Anita Rogers

You can't have too many Thermomix recipes and Tenina provides a great depository of recipes and information sure to inspire! Amanda Daintree

So many new recipes to try all the time, something for everyone in the family! Fiona Nestler

Don't waste another calorie on average!

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Photo of Tenina Holder
Tenina Holder

Tenina Holder is a wife, mother of five and grandmother of six, who started cooking in the olden days before Thermomix was even a thing.

Tenina has become the premium go to source for all Thermomix expertise and of course fresh and easy recipes that work. Her cooking classes and foodie trips are sold out in literally hours, her cookbooks appear on the Australian best seller lists and her social reach is in the millions. Her Insider Club is the most fun you can have with a Thermomix and you really should join her! She believes chocolate, butter and salt are health foods. Her food positivity mantra is, eat everything, just not all at once!

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