Bali Foodie Feast 2018

By Tenina on Aug 14, 2018

I am not sure if you keep up with me on socials or not, but if you do, you will know that I take a foodie group to Bali each and every year. This year of course was no exception.

The trip always starts with a get to know you sort of evening. People who join the group are from all over Australia and mostly (this year anyway) with their partners. So to break the ice and try and help people get over the jetlag faster we have a big night planned on the first night. This year we went to the Kampoeng Bali at our resort of choice, the Rimba by Ayana in Jimbaran.


Kampoeng is a culinary journey at RIMBA’s distinctive Balinese cultural performance restaurant. Specially designed to welcome you into the warm embrace of an authentic Balinese village, meander along an expansive lake setting bordered by a lush rice paddy. Inspired by Bali’s rich cultural heritage and exotic cuisine, indulge the senses during one of Bali’s legendary sunsets, as a traditional market atmosphere comes to life. There is a fantastic local food buffet that literally goes all night and of course would not be complete without the obligatory spit roasted suckling pig. YUM. By the end of the evening our guests are usually nodding off into their drinks as most had travelled that day. (Note to those of you thinking about joining us, it is a good idea to schedule an extra day or two on either side to recover from travel and eating respectively!


The morning after the opening night usually sees us heading off to Ubud and to the Mozaic Kitchen Workshop for our first Master class. AMAZING. There are things you didn't know a Thermomix could do...and this is the class that shows them off! Plus we get to eat it afterwards. I love this class each and every year, largely because I love the look on everyone's face as they watch the recipes unfold. It is priceless and my favourite part of the whole experience.

On the same day we headed to the wonderful DaLa spa for a specialised massage and spa treatment for 2 hours. Needless to say, sleeping well that night was not a problem.


Our next couple of days were a whirlwind of eating basically. Cuca is the best lunch on the island. You MUST go there. It has such a lovely ambience, the most amazing food (go the tasting menu!) and you just come out of there amazed and awed and totally relaxed...full is an understatement...but then that is the whole foodie feast experience anyway.

Saturday we hit the local market first which was a cultural eye opener, then we headed back to the hotel for a hands on cooking class, that we actually turned into a Master chef style competition. It was a hoot...prizes for our winners and a long lunch with all that we had managed to cook. A LOT of fun, we will definitely be doing this again!


Saturday night saw us heading off on our annual Bali Food Safari, this time to Seminyak, which is a bit of a hoot given the size of the streets and the state of traffic on most nights, let alone Saturday night! But we did it all in style and had the most amazing fun and food and views. I LOVE BFS, and will always make sure I head out on one every trip I make as there is always up to the minute additions to each destination. No trip is ever the same twice. It is the best money you can spend if you are a foodie and travelling to Bali. (Tell them I sent you!!)

Sunday is our brunch day and OMG, what a day that always is. It started this year with a cocktail hour, old school, with us channelling our inner colonial days sipping on the signature bloody marys, amongst other drinks of note (slow down on the mojito's kids!) while there is a tinkling piano man in the background. After the drinks hour we headed off to the Boneka restaurant across the foyer of the beautiful St. Regis hotel for our incredible brunch that literally goes till late afternoon. You have to experience to believe it. AH-mazing. My favourite is possibly the duck pate, on brioche toast, but it could be the bottomless oysters, or the cheese board, the blinis with truffle...and the desserts...gotta stop...crazy!

We pretty much collapse that night, though there have been punters known to go shopping in Nusa Dua straight after the brunch. YIKES...take me to the hotel immediately I cry!! But there are always options. Up to you!

Monday is our last day pretty much and this year we had a lazy breakfast and morning, followed by a High Tea at the Orchid Tea Lounge. SO beautiful, I think my favourite venue so far. (Check out the High Tea Video!)

AND we prepare to say goodbye, we always have a fun GALA dinner, this year it was at Sarong, one of my all time fave restaurants in Bali. I LOVE it. Literally everything is made from scratch. So the flavours are incredible. It is elegant, we were so well looked after. I just cannot recommend you hit up this restaurant when in Bali enough!! Of course there are other great places...but we just couldn't fit any more in, time wise or tummy wise!

Come with us in 2019 for more exciting experiences. I will be running a cooking class at the Rimba, so that will be fun (for you!!) We have a whole swag of new stuff on the menu, so get clicking your spot now!


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