The Food Positivity Project 2020

The Food Positivity Project 2020

All of us, of all sizes, are bombarded on a daily basis with the message that 'skinny' is a goal we’re all supposed to be working towards. And — twist! — there is no finish line, because you can never actually be skinny enough.

I have been chilling with my family this Christmas rather than rushing around airports catching connecting flights to arrive in distant lands. It is a pleasant change (though I am heading off again soon to visit my kids in the USA).
As always, I reflect a lot as a year draws to a close, about what has been and what the new year may hold.
As my elderly parents have deteriorated rapidly throughout 2019, (that is them in better times in the pic),
I realise that all that we have in the very end is our good health. This does not come through anything other than choices we make now, today, tomorrow and every single day.
I think most barriers to our own success and well being are self imposed and created uniquely by us!
So my new years message to you, and my pledge, is that I seek considered, calm, healthy lifestyle choices that will carry me through the next decade and beyond. And I want you to join me!
I have real issues with 'diets' as I believe they are negative and harmful for both your physical and mental health and almost always the weight returns plus more within a few weeks or months of finishing the diet.

Dieting teaches you not to listen to your body. It limits you in more than just calories! You can only think of food in a can/cannot mentality. Your social life is affected by your restrictions. Your self esteem is measured by how well you stick to your diet (or not)!
My mantra since January 2019 has been food positivity. Eating it all, just not all of it! This will continue throughout 2020, with the added benefit of the Heal Your Pantry challenge we are planning for mid February. Stay tuned to join in. It will be a lot of fun as well as helping you be organised for the start of the school year. It is free to join and we want you to get a friend on board for the ride and to offer support to you both.
Ten days, ten pantry recipes with a recipe book at the end to help you use the products you will create during the challenge.
A passport to a healthy pantry and a healthier life!
When you stop letting the scale dictate your eating habits, social life, career ambitions, and personal health, it will let go of you.
Cleaning up your pantry will help your new year be guided by healthier choices, resulting in a healthier you. Which is what we all want!
Again, Happy New Year.

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