Thermomix and Drop Partner!

Thermomix and Drop Partner!

The Perfect Pairing! I am really excited to fill you in on the brand new partnership of my two favourite kitchen brands...they are playing together and so nicely! Thermomix® and Drop are about to become the hub of every kitchen!

Read all about it on the Drop blog HERE:

As you know, has been a Drop content partner and ambassador since mid 2018 and is delighted to see this bringing together of her favourite technologies. What this means to Tenina fans the world over is; Four hundred, plus more being added, known and loved recipes from Tenina that are already included in the Drop Recipes app are now going to be available via your TM6 screen in the USA coming soon in 2020! With all the usability you are used to, with perfect cooking results every time! It is a moment we have been looking forward to for a long time, and it is finally here!

It is soooo exciting to see my recipes being cooked around the world by wonderful people like you and now to have them on the Drop Recipes app and your Thermomix® TM6™ is going to make them even more available. You will have recipes, shopping lists, the ability to scale up or down for the size of your family, and all of your fave 'Tenina' recipes at your fingertips right on your Thermomix® screen.
I am thrilled to be seeing my two favourite kitchen kids playing so well together!
Haven't taken the plunge and bought a TM6 yet? You can see my thoughts on the Thermomix® TM6™ here.
Oh and remember when we gave one away? Yup, our lucky Insider Club member Leisa scored herself one by entering our 4th birthday Insider Club giveaway back in April. Sign up to my Insider Club to take part in more exciting promotions and of course access my exclusive ebooks, recipes and online tutorials!

Can we get a big, noisy, round of applause?? We're thinking this announcement deserves that!!

RUN don't walk

And get the drop app now, so you can be familiar with the technology

Because you need more Thermomix Lurve

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