Five Fruity Cocktails to Welcome the New Year

By Tenina on Dec 29, 2016

In the spirit of the season I thought we would pull together some of the best...five killer cocktails/mocktails that you can have on hand for the festivities that are just around the corner. Get mixing’s going to be a great 2017 and to see 2016 out, you are going to need at least one of these...with or without alcohol of choice!!

FIVE...Strawberry Vanilla Shrub

This recipe takes a couple of days, and is completely Thermomix free...if you want. You can use any fruit of choice...and it’s fermented if you are hoping to add more fermented foods to your diet! (There’s the best excuse for 2016 ever!!)


FOUR...Apple Pie-tini

What is better than an Apple Pie? A caramel apple pie in a martini glass. Less calories, more delicious guilt. Pile it on!


THREE...Pomegranate Sangria

You could convince yourself that as pomegrantes are so full of anti oxidants that this is actually a health drink. Go on. (What ever it takes right??)


TWO...Cranberry Cooler

Again...cranberries...good for you, ergo, this drink is a health drink!


ONE...Pink Raspberry Lemonade

Last but not least, this delicious thing is pretty, the kids can have it and as you slosh in a great whack of (whatever you feel like) you can toast the new year!!