Around the World in 18 Ways Ebook

Around the World in 18 Ways Ebook

Around the World in 18 Ways!

The year of in-home travel.

There isn't a year where I don't take an international trip of some sort. Usually a foodie related trip and during 2020 I still managed to squeeze in a quickie eating fling to both Bali and USA. PHEW, then we all know what happened. And here we still are, wishing that we were eating here or there, remembering the food that is iconic to one destination or another from our past travels.

We hope you can still enjoy our little trip around the world with this e-book of deliciousness. Whip up a whirlwind tour of the world's finest foods in your own kitchen.Nine great destinations, eighteen yummy recipes and one tricky little machine to get you there in no time flat. Get your passport out and your apron on...we are taking you around the world in 18 ways without leaving your kitchen!

Around the World in 18 ways ebook

Take your tastebuds on a tantalising trip

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