The Ultimate Guide to our Ultimate Guides!

The Ultimate Guide to our Ultimate Guides!

Is there a guide to creating ultimate guides I wonder? Probably. This article is about all of the Ultimate charts, guides, tutorials and recipes that we have on this site. 'Ultimate' is defined as being the best or most extreme example of its kind...we like that! We accept.

When it comes to Ultimate guides, we have created a few and we thought it was tiime we put them into one easy to find, Ultimate guide to Ultimate guides. (For when GREAT just isn't enough!

Our Ultimate Smoothie Charts are now a couple of years old, but I still use the Ultimate Smoothie Chart at least once a week myself! They are super easy to refer to at a moments notice when the need strikes and suddenly, look at you, you are a recipe developer.

We have now bundled them into one easy pack, all digital, print off and laminate or just use them directly from your device of choice.

What did we ever do without...

The Ultimate Poke Bowl Chart

The Ultimate Salad Dressing Chart

The Ultimate Spice Mixes Chart

The Ultimate Savoury Butter Chart

You will find I am sure, that you will refer to them over and over again. (That's why we call them 'ultimate' after all!)

Get all the charts here

Instant download to your device

Although not named as Ultimate, we are pretty sure our Lazy Sourdough Course is the ultimate guide to making sourdough at home with the least amount of effort possible. If you haven't checked that out yet, don't spend another cent on average purchased sourdough, leap right in and get your own organised in as little as a week! You can be slicing and buttering and toasting and boasting about your own sourdough in that small a time frame. That has to be Ultimate!

Join the Lazy Sourdough Course today

We are bready for you

So while we on the subject of ultimate...have you seen our Ice Cream course? Along the same lines as the lazy sourdough course, The Whole Scoop will keep you in ice cream for years to come. You will learn SO much by joining the course; how to create bases, to which you then learn to add flavours, and add ins of your own or otherwise. Vegan, dairy free, sugar free, egg free, keto ice cream recipes at your fingertips, as well as the Ultimate (there we go again) Killer Vanilla ice cream recipe which has gone viral globally. If you haven't made it yet, this course will get you making it on a regular basis. We are sure of that!

The Whole Scoop is now churning

Get in while its hot!

Last but not least, the Ultimate cooking club...has to be Insider Club. If you haven't joined us yet, is like this but better and bigger and more fun. Everything is ultimate in there if we take the definition seriously. If you haven't tried it yet, it is FREE to join us for 2 weeks just to see how we go together;

Like Rhett and Scarlett

Like Bonnie and Clyde

Like copy and paste

Like Cookies and milk

Like Chocolate and....Tenina

Like Bread and butter

Like Macaroni and Cheese

Come on in and try us out. We are pretty sure you will love being part of the Ultimate cooking club. Get more out of your Thermo appliance than you thought possible.

Signing off...we cannot wait to see what you think about all this ultimate goodness!

See you in there.

The Ultimate Cooking Club

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