The Weekend Table - List of edits.

The Weekend Table - List of edits.

Turkish Delight Marshmallow p71

The step says to put sugar and tonic water in a saucepan. But doesn’t say to use any heat to dissolve it. Maybe add to dissolve it on medium heat? It does indicate in the next step to get it to reach a certain temp though.

It then says to dissolve the gelatine in tonic water. I think you mean to dissolve it in the 50g of water. (The tonic water is being heated with the sugar already in the saucepan.)

Turmeric Roasted Chicken with Herbs p101

300g Greek yoghurt as opposed to 300g cups!!

Lemon Meringue Tartlets p. 165

incorrect recipe page numbers referenced. Corrections as follows:

Shortcrust Pastry p. 166

Vegan Lemon Curd p. 166

Aquafaba Meringue p. 169

Passionfruit Sorbet p. 242

p.242 no quantity for fresh passion fruit

Char Sui Pork p.117

missing t in tossed in introduction

Cheese on Toast with Eggs Mumbai Style p. 272

100g of mature cheddar cheese cubed not 10g.

Bao Buns with Char Sui Pork or Mushrooms p119

the bao buns should be rolled to 2mm thick ( not 2 cm).

Chilli Jam recipe is p 284

Index corrections

1. index gluten free vegan lemon curd p162 - actually p166

2. reference on p166 about chocolate - doesn't relate to anything on that page but is repeated on p171 and that relates to the ganache tarts

3. index salted caramel tart with peanut butter is wrong page number - actually p171

4. index savoury potted cheese says p184 but is actually p 188

5. index lemon meringue tarts says p161 but is actually p 165

6. Strombolli is p270

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