Horchata; Dairy Free Rice Nut Milk

Serves 4-6
by Tenina Holder

Drinkies anyone??? This drink is rumored to be a cure for a hangover and is frequently served at breakfast time. Even though the drink has a milky appearance it is completely dairy-free. It is Mexican in origin and is supposed to be sweet, but if you wish to have it with less sugar, you can add sugar to taste after you have blended it. Served in market places throughout Mexico, it is the perfect answer to a milkshake but of course, being dairy free, has a longer shelf life in the sun! Use lots of ice…and lots of cinnamon…and apparently you can add lime zest to be more traditional as well….us? We LOVED it.

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  • 350 g rice (any variety)
  • 200 g raw cashews
  • 30 g sesame seeds
  • 700 g water for soaking plus some more
  • 100 g rapadura or coconut sugar
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Ice and ground cinnamon for serving



Soak rice and nuts in 700g water overnight or minimum 8 hours.


Place liquid rice, nut mixture, sesame seeds, sugar, cinnamon stick and 1-2 cups extra water into Thermomix bowl and blend 2 min/speed 9. Scrape down sides of bowl and lid and repeat for a further 30 sec/speed 9.


Strain through nut milk bag and serve over ice garnished with cinnamon.


Add more or less water, sugar, ice to taste. This is meant to be sweet, but refreshing. I actually added it to some brewed Crio Bru instead of milk…it was amazing…if you are really precious about the grainy bits, you can strain it through a fine sieve or piece of muslin….but I personally had no problem. The longer you blend, the smoother the result….now to try it frozen and churned into ice cream. There’s a thought!

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