Eco Hotel in Bali, Katamama

Eco Hotel in Bali, Katamama

When you get invited to go and stay at a new(ish) hotel in beautiful Bali, of course you jump at the chance. I had been to Potato Head Beach Club quite a few times and thought I knew what there was to know about this iconic holiday spot. I had also eaten at the restaurant in Katamamas and was not thinking there was much more to learn about this place. Delighted to be going to Bali for a very quick getaway after a frantic Aussie Christmas with (most of) the kids, I was not expecting to have my life changed. When I say changed, I mean, I was educated, inspired and I did come home and have changed many of my habits that I had thought I was pretty good with.

This is Eco tourism on a whole new level. Potato Head and all the properties that are connected are spearheading the eco movement in Bainesse tourism with no fanfare or announcements. They are not talking about it, they are just doing it. I loved it.

There is no plastic in the resort. I mean none (unless it is recycled and made into something else). The entire building and fittings are made by artisans from throughout Bali, from the Indigo dye in the bedding and tea towels to the woven baskets that are used as trash cans, to the glasses, to the drink syrups in the very impressive cocktail bar in your room. The toothbrushes that are traditional in a upmarket hotel are bamboo. The farmers who bring their crops to the kitchens for sale will be sent back to repackage goods if they come wrapped in any plastic. There is a no plastic policy. It is strict and adhered to.

Does that make it feel austere, bossy, trendy? Is it a marketing thing? No. It comes from the ground up. Every employee is on it. They are saving the Balinese environment, with this amazing luxurious boutique resort.

We were only there for 2 nights. Would you believe in that time we became very friendly with the general manager, all the staff, including the servers in the restaurant who remembered our names (mine is hard right?) and who were beyond accommodating. I am pretty sure if I wandered back into the lobby anytime soon, they would remember me! There is a sense of family, of community, of helping and being of service to each other. I had one of the best (most painful) facials of my life in the spa. We swam, we ate, we didn't throw away any plastic...we also managed to fit in a trip to Tanaman, the first vegan based Indonesian cuisine restaurant in Bali, but that is another article. (It was totally amazing!)

From your check in that is conducted in your room, to the arrival of a mixologist to make you a signature cocktail and take you through the bar amenities, to then booking a beachside day bed in Potato Head Club (something you cannot really do without staying in the resort!) to wonderful breakfasts, to jamu jamu in as many flavours as you can imagine, the entire experience is designed to make you CHILL.

You can order a zero waste kit for your travels outside of the resort. There is all natural refillable sunscreen and insect repellent available as well as a beach kit (that didn't fit my big western head, but the thought was there). The soaps, the textiles, the attention to detail, the vintage books, the all natural spa, the encouragement to relax and unwind, all part of the philosophy of Katamama!

If it is downtime you are seeking, I can think of no better place for you to go to. Book it now. Before everyone else discovers the secret!

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