Singapore Foodie Fling 2019

Singapore Foodie Fling 2019

We came, we saw, we ate, we swam, we visited amazing places, we took pics. This is our Singapore Foodie Fling Story!

It was a few months in the making. It should have been longer, but last year when I was in Singapore, and seated at the Atlas Bar, a brilliant thought occured to me. How about a foodie fling in Singapore? Bali foodie feasts have been brilliant year after year, but I was up for showing like minded eating travellers the Singapore I loved.

Singapore has to be one of the most diverse foodie cities of the world. What better place than Singapore for our first Insider Foodie Fling. So I started planning an outline. It was done in literally minutes, though there was no way we were going to get to everything I wanted!

I contacted Asia World/Panorama Destinations, with the idea. Could they help me in Singapore, as they had done in Bali for literally years now. Yes they could. Suddenly it was a reality. Pricing is always the worst bit but eventually we managed to agree on price. (I have to say, this first Singapore trip was all together amazing, but I lost money on it. and I was supposed to be FOC.) But did that dampen my enthusiasm? Well no. We had THE best time.I have always found that as Julia Childs said, 'People who love to eat are the best people', and we haven't had a miss yet on our foodie trips. So we started with a great group and it just got better from there.

One should always try Singapore Chilli Crab with complete abandon...we tried it too soon, clearly! But it did get eaten on our first night at the Newton Hawkers Market. A bit of an iconic trip to a Hawkers Market was a definite and of course, we managed to tick a few boxes with the very famous Chilli Crab as well as Sugar Cane Juice and Singapore Noodles. Everyone got to chat and get to know each other a bit. Great first night, despite the mess.

The weekend went fast. I have to say, we crammed so much in! Our first full day was a market tour and local foods cooking class, (which became lunch) followed by dinner at The Tippling Club. There are no words. The Tippling Club was the highlight for everyone I think, including me. I went to the TC many years ago, they have moved now, conveniently right around the corner from our hotel. What a night of taste sensations. We had booked the ten course degustation menu...which sounded incredible anyway, but 10 courses was actually more like 20, as they brought us little palate cleansers, extra tastings and flavour bombs. WOW. I especially loved the charcoal tempura vegetables, the cheesecake tablets (complete with my own prescription bottle)!! Needless to say we were talking about this experience for the rest of the weekend!

To name a few of the other experiences we enjoyed...let's say The Intan museum, with our wonderful piano playing host Alvin, the pretty and colourful Peranaken Houses, Singapore Slings at the Long Bar at the iconic Raffles Hotel, Ce La Vi Bar atop the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Gardens by the Bay, Fullerton Hotel Brunch, the amazing Six Senses Maxwell hotel, which was completely a wonderful experience all on it's own, (Loved the ice cream options as well as the breakfasts!) the Callebaut Chocolate Factory Tour.

Sadly at the end of all that, we had to bid farewell to each other, with promises of catching up again on some other tour...yes I do them all the time and yes, I think there are those who will join me next time! YAY.

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