Sticky Pork And Noodle Salad

Serves 6-8
by Tenina Holder

This is one of the popular offerings in the sold out Thai Thai Again cooking classes we ran this year and now appears in Keeping it Simple the best selling Thermomix cookbook of note! ….and without a doubt one of our family faves. Fragrant, spicy, pretty easy…don’t be put off by the ingredients list…not bad at all really. Hit up your local Asian supermarket and get cracking (not crackling, but speaking of which)…The only thing I could add to this salad to make it even better would be a bit of crispy crackling as a garnish along with the peanuts. It would be divine. Salivation is a wonderful thing, it’s OK; now wipe the screen.

This is one of our NEW INSIDER recipes added to (all previous recipes are still free). Insider Club coming soon.

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