Brussels Sprouts Coleslaw

Serves 6
by Tenina Holder


This delicious and quick (check out the video for just how quick) is vibrant and bright and really really yummy. The perfect accompaniement for pulled pork...pulled beef, or at any BBQ of choice...cue the meat, whip this up, including your own mayo and you are the star of the par-tay. Heck you could do several batches in the time it takes to feed a football team...just saying. No complaints. 

I am really hoping you love the simplicity of this recipe as it is in my new cookbook, available for ordering now...go and get your copy reserved. STAT.

In the meantime, get the idea of just how easy life can be by watching the video (more than once at that speed) and then whip up a batch of your own. Leave me a comment or share the video from Facebook...gotta love that.




Make mayonnaise first. Leave a residual amount in the TM bowl.


Place all ingredients into TM bowl in order list. Chop 3 sec/speed 5.



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