Welcome to the Lazy Sourdough Bakery course! For those of you kneading to relax, we have got you covered!

Do your eyes glaze over when you start reading a sourdough recipe that requires you to know what levain, autolyse, poolish, hydration levels or ear, means? Or that asks you to set your alarm to feed your starter on day one of a recipe that will take at least a week to achieve?

Me too.

So as I started to make sourdough more and more, I learned a thing or two and I have put it together in this course that can have you making a loaf with very little effort in a pretty short space of time. It may not be an artisanal loaf such as the ones you have been seeing on Instagram since the advent of the covid sourdough craze, but these are definitely well soured loaves, using only the natural yeast that is in the atmosphere, that you have minimal playing around with (unless you want to!) and you can really make week after week without setting any alarms or going into 'who will look after my pet sourdough starter when we go on our holiday?' mode. Welcome to Lazy (but delicious) Sourdough.

Hit the button and get the starter started! You can do it!