Welcome to the Lazy Sourdough Bakery course! For those of you kneading to relax, we have got you covered!

Do your eyes glaze over when you start reading a sourdough recipe that requires you to know what levain, autolyse, poolish, hydration levels or ear, means? Or that asks you to set your alarm to feed your starter on day one of a recipe that will take at least a week to achieve?

Me too.

So as I started to make sourdough more and more, I learned a thing or two and I have put it together in this course that can have you making a loaf with very little effort in a pretty short space of time. It may not be an artisanal loaf such as the ones you have been seeing on Instagram since the advent of the covid sourdough craze, but these are definitely well soured loaves, using only the natural yeast that is in the atmosphere, that you have minimal playing around with (unless you want to!) and you can really make week after week without setting any alarms or going into 'who will look after my pet sourdough starter when we go on our holiday?' mode. Welcome to Lazy (but delicious) Sourdough.

Hit the button and get the starter started! 'Prove' and you can do it!

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We are all kneading to relax more and more these days, and this course is designed to help you become a pro with sourdough week after week, with less stress, less mess, less time spent in the process and loads more taste and satisfaction! We believe you will NEVER buy another average sourdough loaf again. There will be no knead!

We take you from making your own starter from scratch in as little as 5 days to making the easiest, laziest version of sourdough bread you never thought possible, right through to fancy fun things like Sourdough donuts, an all in one steak sandwich and plenty of ways to use up your sourdough discard, which we don't ever discard...just saying.

Come join us today and get your starter started. You'll be spreading butter all over that perfect homemade loaf this time next week! Delish!

WELCOME to my Lazy Sourdough Bakery Course

Kneading to relax? Let us help you! Over the next four to five weeks we plan to make you a pro with the easiest sourdough recipes possible.

Thanks for joining us in the adventure of sourdough! Sourdough baking has traditionally been shrouded in mysticism and techniques that sound a bit difficult to comprehend when unfamiliar with it. We have taken away all the difficult terminology, simplified our delicious sourdough recipe to the extreme, there is no need to feed your starter daily or worry about it if you haven't used it in a while or if you go on holiday.

We hope you will enjoy each week, check each task as you complete it and come back to revisit the videos or recipes for help along the way. You have a lifetime access to this course, so use it! You can go at your own pace, but we have divided the tasks into a five week time frame. By the end of the course we anticipate all sorts of amazing creations coming from your kitchen. Welcome and have fun!

    Thanks for joining me!

Before You Begin

We have prepared a list of the equipment you will need before beginning the course. You may not need everything, but I have highlighted the definite must haves in red. The other items are optional.

We have also attached a glossary of sourdough terminology. As this is a Lazy Sourdough course, most of the terms you will not need, but if this is a starting point for you, you can move ahead with more artisanal sourdough if you already understand these terms.

(Don't read it yet, proceed with the course, then come back to it as I don't want to scare you right at the beginning!)

  1. Download the Sourdough Terms Glossary
  2. Download the Equipment List

Making a Starter

Week One, Day 1

What is a sourdough starter? Simply, a sourdough starter is a stable mixture of good bacteria and wild yeast that is kept healthy and vibrant with regular feeding and is then used to leaven and flavour dough.

To create a starter is a super simple thing to do and it only takes water and flour and time. There is a lot of mystery surrounding sourdough starters that date back to the beginning of time. I think if you follow my rules you will be baking sourdough in your 80's with the same starter you will make here. SO...as this is your first task, watch the video, then follow the recipe.

If you already have a lively sourdough starter, skip this task entirely and jump straight to next week's challenges.

  1. DO
    Watch the video
    Create your Starter

Feeding your Starter

Week One, Days 2-7

Feeding your starter will keep it healthy and active, ready to use at a moment's notice. You don't need to feed it often, but generally after use it is good to feed it.

People often name their starter as it does become part of the family and dies if you don't feed it!! I haven't named mine. But we'd love to know what you call yours! Post a pic of your sourdough baby and name on socials. Make sure you tag me! #lazysourdoughbakery

  1. DO
    Watch the Feeding your Starter video
    Feed your Starter

Making a loaf with and without a levain

Week Two

A levain or leaven is literally like making your own little mixture of yeast from your starter, making sure it is thriving then using it to leaven your loaf. We are using two methods for creating easy (lazy) sourdough during this course. One method uses a levain and the other uses your sourdough starter straight from the fridge and is the ultimate Lazy Sourdough method.

This week you will make a loaf with a levain and you will make the ultimate Lazy Sourdough loaf without a levain. I suggest you compare them and see which you prefer.

I personally LOVE the loaf without the levain as I am intrinsically lazy and this is the Lazy Sourdough Bakery Course after all. It suits my lifestyle! Let me know what you think. There are some recipes that the Lazy Loaf dough will not work with, you need a more sturdy dough, so in those cases I specify to use a levain as part of the recipe.

    Lazy Sourdough Loaf (no Levain)
  2. DO
    Watch the Lazy Sourdough Loaf video
    Make the Seeded Sourdough Bagels with Levain

Using your Starter to make a Levain

Week Two

A levain is also a starter of sorts, but doesn't have an ongoing life and should be used just the once, based on the loaf or dough you are making. It can also be called a poolish or pre-ferment. We will refer to it as a levain.

Making a levain or leaven is another way to use your starter. You have more control over the end result of a dough when you use a levain. You also have more control over the flavour. We recommend using a levain in certain recipes during the course, always with a link through to the levain method.

  1. DO
    Watch the making a Levain Video
    Make a Levain

Making other recipes with your starter and levain

Week Three

We have a few recipes this week for you to try. By all means, take your time, I mean how much sourdough deliciousness can one family eat in a week? (I'm here to tell you, quite a bit. Check the chins in some of these videos. You can tell which ones were shot during the covid sourdough crisis of 2020!))

This week we are introducing other flavours and ideas for using your sourdough. The sky is the limit really. If you are used to making bread and other yeast raised foods, swapping out to using your natural yeast or sourdough is very simple once you get your head around the basic rules. (The Lazy rules!!)

To keep your sourdough starter alive and active, the more you use it and then feed it, the better. If you haven't had the chance to use it for a few weeks, to liven it up, make anything using the sourdough starter, then feed it and leave it out of the fridge for a day. This will help it become all active and bubbly again.

    Don't forget to keep your starter fed
    Sourdough Gozleme
    Cheddar Jalapeno Sourdough Boule
  4. DO
    Watch the Cheddar Jalapeno Sourdough Boule video
    Rosemary Salted Grissini
    Seeded Sourdough Bagels
    Loaded Focaccia

Using your Discard

Week Three

If you are making traditional levain, and continuing to feed your sourdough starter as directed, you will end up with quite a bit of what we call discard. This is what you remove from the original starter, prior to re-feeding it, in order to keep it lean and hungry and healthy. The leaner your starter before feeding (within reason) the more active it will become and the better it will work for you in rising your doughs. I used to keep my discard separately from the starter, but I no longer do that as I used the 'discard' as often as I use the 'starter'. To be honest, one of my favourite recipes from this entire course is the Sourdough Discard Crackers. I will feed my starter, in order to increase the volume of starter, just to make them. Crazy I know, but they are so more-ish.

The benefits of discard in your baking is to add flavour and of course a long fermentation time means that the gluten has been used up significantly making anything you eat using a discard a lot easier to digest. It has very little raising ability left by the time it has been sitting in your fridge for a week or a month. It is the perfect consistency to add to pancakes or batters. We have included a few other options for you to use your discard. Don't be confused by my references to discard and starter. They are one and the same when baking sourdough the lazy way!

    Sourdough Discard Crackers
    Watch the video for Sourdough Discard Crackers
    Discard Flatbread
    Discard Brownies
    Discard Choc Chip Cookies
    Overnight Pancakes

Getting Fancy and definitely not Lazy!

Week Four

Last but not least, this week we are tackling a few baked goods that are less lazy and more specialist.

Croissants, Doughnuts and a Steak Sandwich that is cooked all in one process.

This week will mark your pro-level completion of the course! We are excited for you and hope you have enjoyed the journey but just a reminder, it's 10,000 steps per day for a healthy lifestyle!

Don't be overwhelmed by these recipes if you are still getting your head around the entire process. You have on-going lifetime access to the syllabus and recipes. Plus we have collated all of the content into an ebook for you to download and have handy whenever you are working.

If you are a social media butterfly, we would absolutely love to see your creations on Instagram and Facebook. Please tag Cooking with Tenina accounts and hashtag #lazysourdoughbakery Thanks for joining us and enjoy your amazing results this week and every week.

    All in One Steak Sanga
    Sourdough Croissants
    Filled Doughnuts
    Pain au Chocolat
    Cinnamon Babka


After the course is completed

As you become more proficient at making and baking your sourdough, you will find you have a LOT of sourdough to either freeze or use in another way. We have a few ideas listed below for you to help you use up this amazing new bread you have just lying around!

Having said that, the favourite way to use up my sourdough is to slice and freeze it. Then I have sourdough toast on demand. Perfect!


    DESSERT to die for!
    Use Sourdough for this recipe!
    Use a sourdough loaf for
  4. For more in depth sourdough learning
    The best jams are homemade!
    Whole Cherry Jam
    Strawberry Vanilla Jam
    Apricot, Vanilla & Orange Jam