Tenina on Pinterest

By Tenina on Dec 30, 2011

This is a recipe free zone, but I guess that is what happens when I’m away and not internet connected! (Have finally sorted my very personal hotspot on my new iphone…not even Apple tech support could help me! Thank goodness my 16 year old son was looking over my shoulder and after some severe mocking, sorted it!)

I admit it, images of almost everything intrigue me and so Pinterest is like scrapbooking interesting stuff without the clutter. As I have been away, I have found it highly relaxing and of course entertaining/educational to start a few new pinboards with images that inspire me or give me ideas for future projects.

So please go join me, and start happily pinning away on your own boards. (Just make sure you pin LOTS and LOTS of http://tenina.com recipe pics OK??)

OH, and by the way, as we face down a new year of excitement, thanks for being a big part of my life. I love having connections from all over the world with people I will probably never meet, but who in some way touch my life (and or blog, food, recipes!) I trust you will all come back and tell your friends throughout 2012 and of course, just to morally support me, buy my app and my books…just as fast as I can get them out there! Its been a great year, lets see what is around the corner….ready, steady, COOK!