Healthy Chocolate Crackle Slice

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16 pieces Prep Time 5 minutes   Rated:    
by Tenina Holder

I come from the age where Chocolate Crackles were a thing at birthday parties...and school fetes! What’s not to love about a good old fashioned Chocolate Crackle?? Nothing!! This is an updated and slightly healthier version in that Copha does not appear in it!! I know when I posted this pic on social media, it went off so I think there are a lot of you out there who miss the good/bad ole days when these were they’re OK again. You have my permission. Go and make them immediately. The little kid in you will thank you for it! (Oh and the slice bit just means you get to eat it sooner but you can just as easily do the crackle bit in patty pan cases of your choice...if you really want to!)

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Line a 20 x 30cm baking tin with paper, coming up over the edges for easy removal.


Place coconut oil, sugar, honey, chocolate, vanilla and salt into Thermomix bowl and cook 5 min/60°C/speed 2.


Add quinoa cereal and coconut and mix 6 sec/Reverse/ speed 2.


Press into the prepared tin and refrigerate until solid. Cut into pieces to serve.


Best sent to school frozen in an insulated lunch box.

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