The Heal Your Pantry Challenge Explained!

The Heal Your Pantry Challenge Explained!

Where ever there is clutter, it is very hard to be creative, to be inspired to work, to actually get things done. Your mind is clouded, your intentions hidden by the mess. Tenina Holder!

You should see my pantry. Well OK then, scroll down for pics. I have varying states of tidiness on varying days. I do get sent a LOT of stuff to try out. So there is that. But I have to say, when I open the door to a tidy array of ingredients, labelled and easy to find, it does make me want to get busy and cook and create something! It is a constant battle. And we can lump into 'pantry', the spice drawer, the fridge, the freezer. These obviously are part of healing your pantry!

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Tenina's Heal Your Pantry Challenge

Heal Your Pantry! Heal Your Life! Of course you can run out and buy a million containers and baskets and jars to make your pantry look tidy and it will feel good for a while, but the object of our Heal Your Pantry, Heal Your Life challenge is not so much the physical aspect of cleaning the pantry out, (though we are handing you some great tips throughout) but rather we are clearing your pantry/fridge/freezer of additive laden products that are regular offenders in your kitchen, thus leaving you with a cleaner, more wholesome beginning to eating better and making healthier choices in general throughout 2020 and beyond.

Ten days.

Ten plus recipes.

Then loads of ways to use them afterwards.

Don't get stuck on the pantry as being a cupboard of dry goods by the way. 'Pantry' in the challenge may include fridge, freezer, spice drawer or that dry goods cupboard. It is easy. It is fun. And we suggest you join with a friend to stay motivated. You must sign up to the emails by updating your preferences HERE or you will not be on the list and won't have a clue where we are at!

I do suggest you start with a good throw out though. Check use by dates and get cracking. They must go. Best before dates are not such a worry, especially if it is on things that you know are fine! (Like vanilla, salt, chocolate products plus more.) Read more about that HERE.

ANYHOO, we start on Monday Feb 10th, so there is still time to join us. Get on over there and sign up. It is going to be pretty simple, hopefully inspiring and at the end of two weeks you will be well on your way to feeling more in control of what is going on in your kitchen, pantry (and let's say spice drawer, fridge and freezer).

I think with a clear kitchen comes a clear and more creative mind! Have fun with the challenge and beyond. And let the healthier ingredients you will make help you make other healthier choices like;

Moving more.

Eating less sugar.

Eating less in general.

Drinking more water.

Playing with your kids more.

Going to bed earlier.

Staying positive.

Helping others.

We look forward to seeing you join the challenge. Remember to post your efforts on all and any social media channels and hashtag #healyourpantry so we can find it! Have fun!

For loads more healthy recipes and lots of fun too

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