Chocolate Sourdough Starter

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I have been a bit of a bread nerd lately. I have been listening to a podcast all about bread. It discusses literally everything you could imagine, about bread! It's absolutely fascinating! So here is an upgrade to your The Lazy Sourdough Bakery course with not only the possibility of loads of better results with your sweet sourdough recipes, but a delicious chocolate loaf as well! (WHY did it take me this long?)

I am happy to have learned that if you want sweet sourdough recipes such as our Berliner doughnuts, or our Cinnamon Babka, you should really be starting with a sweetened starter to help the enriched sourdough...dough, (feels like I am repeating myself) accept the addition of sweetness in the dough because it is 'used' to it.
SO, with that in mind, I am now running a chocolate starter and a regular starter. I don't play with them any more than usual, and I have treated my chocolate starter with the same disdain I treat the regular starter. It comes out to play on demand.

If you don't want a chocolate starter on the regular, by all means, leave out the cocoa and just have a sweet starter. This will do the same thing for your sweetened doughs. I recommend a raw sugar, the initial starter will LOVE the sugar, but then it starts to work out that this is a regular thing and not to get too excited. So expect a few highs and lows with the starter itself. You can apparently increase the sugar in each feed on a sliding scale until the sourdough is very sweet. I would certainly recommend this for sweet doughs. (Watch this space!)

A word about cocoa; I use the Barry Callebaut extra brute cocoa which has a fat content of 24% which is super high. It means that the loaf using this cocoa will be amazingly moist. It also makes the starter very dark as you can see. See if you can source it. It is totally worth the results.

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To initially create your chocolate sourdough starter you will need an already healthy regular starter. I now run two starters, both a sweet chocolate one and a regular one.


Add all ingredients to a jar and stir vigorously. Allow to sit on the bench for 12 hours until bubbly. You can now discard and re-feed with all the ingredients other than the original starter. It will take a couple of discards and refeeds to get this starter ready to use.

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