MY Top TEN Recipes using EVOO

MY Top TEN Recipes using EVOO

It’s no secret. I love my Great Southern Extra Virgin Olive Oil, yes, EVOO. (In case you were wondering what that weird ingredient is that appears so frequently!)

I have been using Great Southern Groves EVOO for a few months now and I do love it. Even if you are not an EVOO fan (though how could that be??), you could become one with these recipes.

This all time fave is dessert...yes! I have lost count of the number of emails that have been sent to me regarding this dessert. If you haven’t given it a go yet, today is the day. Get the lemons organised, make sure you have my favourite beautiful fruity EVOO and you are cooking one of the best things you have ever tasted.

This ugly little thing is SOOO delicious. Especially at this time of year. You can have this prepped way in advance of any entertaining and then just tizzy it up at the last minute. If red kidney beans are not your thing, by all means use another bean of choice. All good. (Don’t say I never give you anything!)

I do love a good pizza anytime of the year. This one takes the idea of salad on pizza to a new level with the simplicity of beautiful EVOO on the greens. And salt. And pepper. But seriously. Who knew? If you are using the right EVOO, you cannot go wrong.

This seriously quick dinner can be on your table in the time it takes to write out Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (GO with EVOO, so much quicker!) I love it. You will love it. Go and do it. And yes, you can use EVOO for frying. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A personal fave. (Though I do love them all, picking favourites is very tricky.)

Seriously. Flavour. Hit. I love having a jar of this handy at all times. It takes the fiddle out of garlic requirements and makes the garlic a little less punchy on your breath and elsewhere. It is the perfect combination of condiments in one amazing jar. You should definitely put this on your gifting list to foodies you know and love. Perhaps attach a recipe for it, cos they will love it and will want it again.

The perfect prep ahead recipe for pizza at practically a moments notice. We love this recipe and I generally have some of this in the fridge, and so should you. Get it sorted lovelies!

One of my all time impressive faves and really very simple to execute even for the non bakers amongst us. Follow the recipe, it will turn out just like it looks and taste...oh so heavenly.

EVOO lends a delicious creamy mouth feel to ice cream and many of my favourite ice cream recipes are based on this original version. It is super simple to change up and use with as many flavours as you can think up!

We use EVOO like maple syrup here on amazing fluffy pancakes. It is that good, when you get the right EVOO that is. Don't skimp. Buy Aussie, it is pretty amazing.

Couldn't finish this somewhat short list of favourites (I have so many) without some salt carby crispy potato goodness! These are the bomb. You really cannot go back after eating these. The EVOO makes them light in flavour, but very crunchy...yummers. Enjoy!

So there they are. My top ten must have, go to’s, Extra Virgin Olive oil recipes...there are so many more that also make the grade, but I restrained myself...and it was tough. Sigh. (There’s always another article...on another day!)

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