Sous Vide Crimson Snapper with Red Rice Salad

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Serves 2-4 Prep Time 3 hours   Cook Time 30 minutes   Rated:

I grew up in a house where eating fish was a chore as there were always bones in it. As I grew older and realised that fish fillets could be purchased I grew to love fish. So here we go....a fish fillet, without bones, perfectly cooked with a delicious salad to accompany it. This could be the whole meal right here. But a side of chips never goes astray when you are serving fish!

Sous Vide is a method that is largely advertised as being available now in the latest Thermomix 6 model. I have to say, you can do it in any model if you follow this recipe. It is super simple. You just need to have either a vacuum sealer bag system available or you can get Stasher Bags or similar from all good kitchen retailers online or in store.

This cooking method results in a very delicate, perfectly cooked fish. It is hard to overcook the fish with this method, though I guess it is still possible. Happy Sous Veeing!

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We suggest you steam the rice for the salad first. Place rice into the simmering basket, rinse it with about 1L of water straight into the Thermomix bowl (over the top of the rice) and steam 30 min/100°C/speed3. Tip into a large bowl and drizzle with plenty of EVOO while you allow it to cool. Move onto cooking the fish.


Place the fish fillets into a Stasher bag or vacuum sealed bag with EVOO, salt, lemon juice and basil. Remove as much air as possible and refrigerate for up to 48 hours.


Add 500g water to the Thermomix bowl and place the Stasher bag with the fish in it, into the simmering basket. You may need to push it down, but try and keep the fish shape in tact as much as possible.


Sous vide fish 40 min/60°C/speed 2. (Times may vary slightly depending on the thickness of the fillet.) Check that the fish is done by opening up the bag and flaking a piece of fish with a fork. If it is soft and breaks easily you are ready. Otherwise, add more cooking time in 5 minute increments.


Set aside (still in the bag) while you prepare the salad.


Toss the rice with all remaining ingredients and season to taste. Add cracked pepper if you wish.


Serve the salad on individual plates, topped with a piece of fish, then using a microplane, zest the lemon and finely grate plenty of parmesan on top of the salad and the fish. Serve immediately.


The fish will keep fully cooked, in the stasher bag for up to 3 days in the fridge with no problems at all.

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