Sous Vide Crimson Snapper with Red Rice Salad

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Serves 2-4 Prep Time 3 hours   Cook Time 30 minutes   Rated:    
by Tenina Holder

I grew up in a house where eating fish was a chore as there were always bones in it. As I grew older and realised that fish fillets could be purchased I grew to love fish. So here we go....a fish fillet, without bones, perfectly cooked with a delicious salad to accompany it. This could be the whole meal right here. But a side of chips never goes astray when you are serving fish!

Sous Vide is a method that is largely advertised as being available now in the latest Thermomix 6 model. I have to say, you can do it in any model if you follow this recipe. It is super simple. You just need to have either a vacuum sealer bag system available or you can get Stasher Bags or similar from all good kitchen retailers online or in store.

This cooking method results in a very delicate, perfectly cooked fish. It is hard to overcook the fish with this method, though I guess it is still possible. Happy Sous Veeing!

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