Cake and Food Positivity

Cake and Food Positivity

My own food movement is about positivity! Join me, it does mean you get to eat cake sometimes! (There are some limits, but read on!)

I have been writing recipes for a very long time. I have been eating for an even longer time. And despite all the bad press out there about sugar, I still love cake. And the dessert menu is the first thing I check out when dining to see if it is worth saving myself for. My childhood was filled with home made cakes and cookies and bread. My school tuck shop sold the best cream buns on the planet and I am pretty sure I remember that they sold awesome donuts too. Yet obesity when I was growing up, amongst my friends was pretty rare! I am not sure I can remember a chubby, let alone obese child from amongst my school friends. So what has gone wrong? Why are we now on a path of food hate against so many of these foods that are seen as practically evil, and obesity numbers in 'developed' countries are rising.

In my own life, I know at least 10 people who have undergone stomach sleeve surgery or similiar to reduce weight. I have no personal issue with this as a solution for those who do it. I think it is pretty severe, but also quite brave as surgery is never fun. (To be honest, the gym isn't that fun either!)

Don't get me wrong, I love punchy salads and vegetarian food, and raw desserts, keto crackers, and intermittent fasting, and I do love the gym when I get there...but...

Is there an answer to having your cake and eating it too? I think there is. I am a big promoter of using the best ingredients you can find from the most whole sources you can find. If you can use those ingredients and make your cake, you can probably eat it as well. You shouldn't eat it all. Hear me on that score. You should definitely eat a piece of it though. I feel as though the thing we call social media is anything but social and we are all a little bit victimised by it when we weigh in on all the food hate. (Pardon the dieting pun!) The hashtag frenzy about sugar hate alone is mind blowing.

Can we look at what we have in our pantry and fridge. Did you make it? Did you enjoy making it? Did you share it? Did your family/friends/colleagues enjoy it? Did you use the best wholesome ingredients you could afford?

Check the guilt at the fridge door and serve yourself a slice of cake. Guilt free. Savour it. How good is it? VERY good. Stop counting carbs and calories and start counting enjoyment. Food should be about sparking quote a popular lifestyle show. I agree. It's time to allow your cake/dessert/tart/pastry spark joy in you because you know where it all came from and because it tastes amazing and because you loved creating it.

Food positivity is my movement. It is my mission to help more people feel positive about food. I want you on this food positivity journey with me. Throw away your diet book and delete your calorie counter app. Let's be mindful about what we eat. Let's eat well as often as we can, without stressing about the calorie/carb/fat/sugars count. Stressing about food as you actually eating it is all BAD. Stress creates overeating already. I cannot imagine anything more poisonous to your soul than hating food (and/or yourself) while you eat it. Food is incredible. Seriously incredible. It is meant to be enjoyed and relished and shared. It is literally life! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Good food, good mood. Get on the Food Positivity train with me. I am pretty sure you will lose weight. (But that is just a happy side effect and not a goal!)

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To get all the 'healthy' recipes for both mains and desserts, this may be your book!

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