My Thai; the Top 25 Thai Inspired recipes from my palate to your kitchen

My Thai; the Top 25 Thai Inspired recipes from my palate to your kitchen

The best collection of evocative Thai recipes that you can get for your Thermomix From beginning to end Tenina has Thai-ed and come up with the goods

I love Thai food. Pure fragrant flavours, complex but easy to create, I simply cannot go past a good Thai curry. Give me kaffir lime, coconut cream, turmeric, chilli, coconut sugar, coriander and I am in heaven. In creating this collection I have discovered that I am ready to create an entire Thai does that sound? I'm guessing that this means I will have to travel to Thailand...a lot. (I hope my husband is reading this!)

I have only been to Thailand twice at the time of writing this. Shame on me...just imagine what would eventuate if I went and spent some serious time there? The thing I love about travelling is the way it opens you up to new ideas and flavours. None of the recipes in this ebook are authentic. They are all from my head, based on things I have tasted in restaurants or in Thailand. Luckily there are plans for a regular foodie trip to Thailand starting in 2023. Keep up to date with all of that by joining my mailing list.

But you can imagine that you are there as you flick through the pages of this book and get inspired by the dishes you can make with very little effort, every day ingredients using your Thermo of choice.

OH...and my favourite? It might be the Mango Sticky Rice, but it could be the Thai Tea Jellies...the jury is out. I am thinking I may have to make them both again, just to make sure!

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