Chai Tea Crumb Cake

Makes a large loaf cake Prep Time 10 minutes   Cook Time 80 minutes   Rated:

A coffee cake, or in this case a Chai tea cake, is often described as a less sweet, usually fragrantly spicy cake and often served with coffee or tea. These days with our fancy schmancy croissants and layered cakes, the tea cake has all but disappeared. It is very homey and CWA-ish and I have to say, completely perfect for the cooler months when you just need something a little bit yummy without being too over the top.

My (adult) kids ate this with slabs of butter, but I quite enjoyed it without butter (which is really saying something!) We love our Prana Chai and I'm warning you now, that crumble is sooo good straight from the bowl, uncooked. I had to step away!

I know you will enjoy this one. Happy baking!

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Whisk dry crumble ingredients together in a small bowl then add melted butter and combine until clumps form. Set aside.


Preheat oven to 165°C and spray and loaf tin, approx 23 x 13 cm. Line it with baking paper, leaving some overhang on the long sides of the tin. Press paper onto the tin, then turn it over so the greased side is facing up.


Place sugar, butter, vanilla and salt into the Thermomix bowl and chop 15 sec/speed 8. Insert butterfly and whip 1.5 min/butterfly/speed 3. Stop and scrape down sides of bowl once or twice to make sure the mixture is combining.


Set timer for 1 min/butterfly/speed 3 and add eggs, one at a time through the hole in lid. Scrape down sides of bowl as needed.


Add sour cream, baking powder and soda, and 100g of the flour. Whip 10 sec/butterfly/speed 3. Remove butterfly.


Add remaining flour and combine 12 sec/dough setting. Finish combining the mixture with a hand held spatula until smooth but not overworked. It should resemble a creamy batter.


Spread a little over half the batter into the prepared cake tin and then top it with half of the crumble mixture. Finish with the remaining batter and then top that with the rest of the crumble.


Bake for 75 minutes and then use a skewer to test the cake in the centre. If it comes out clean it is done. If not, then add a further 10 minutes increasing the heat to 170°C.


Cool in the tin for at least 15 minutes. Lift out of the pan onto a cooling rack and let cake cool completely before enjoying, though warm crumb-a-liscious cake is pretty hard to resist.


Serve with a cup of chai...of course.

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