Hazelnut Sable Pastry

1 tart shell plus some biscuits
by Tenina Holder

This is just one of the fabulous recipes I learnt at The Australian Patisserie Academy last year right before I went into meltdown mode after tearing something awful in my knee on the very last day of my course. Life since then has been a bit of a blur between trips, surgeon visits and actual surgery, my new understanding of anti-inflammatories, close knowledge of crutches and ice packs, all the while trying to maintain my input for the Insider Club, video production, recipe development, family stuff (there is new grand baby in Guernsey and a USA family wedding afoot!) and my usual hectic travel schedule. BUT NO MORE. I am sworn to a quiet year in 2019 with more food positivity and less stress or guilt served on the side.

SO, this is only the pastry base recipe and a fine one it is. The other components are very do-able in the Thermomix and may follow, but not yet. I have also used this recipe to create an amazing filled biscuit, similar to those I have eaten many times in St. Malo in Brittany in France. They are truly divine. And you should definitely try them too! You can find the recipe for Bretagne Banana Chocolate Sables here.

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