Lemon Butter Sponge Roulade with Berries

Serves 10 Prep Time 30 minutes   Cook Time 15 minutes   Rated:


Well if you insist. I’ll create a sponge roll. I do love a jammy, creamy Swiss roll, and there is only one option better than that, and it’s this. Lemony berry Swiss roll. So good. If you have already made the Passionfruit Curd as an Insider then you could also use that. I think it is a completely divine combo and the perfect special occasion but yet family cake.

As I come up with options for the Insider club videos, I am looking for tecnique based stuff that is easier to show you than write, and so the rolling (or not) of this cake was a good excuse to make it again for the video shoot...oh the bullets I take for you guys. It’s tough, but someone has to do it. SO download the recipe, watch the video and go and create. You gotta love that!

Happy Cakery!

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  • 1/2 Batch Passionfruit Curd lemon butter or passionfruit curd Recipe
  • 230 Grams egg whites
  • 1 Teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 180 Grams golden caster sugar plus some more
  • 2 Teaspoons vanilla bean paste vanilla bean paste BUY
  • 100 Grams flour
  • 500 Grams cream
  • Fresh berries of choice
  • Icing sugar to zhoosh!



Premake the lemon or passionfruit curd and make sure it is completely cold.


Preheat oven to 180°C and line a Swiss roll tin with baking paper. Sprinkle the paper with a little golden caster sugar.


Place eggwhites with cream of tartar into clean, dry Thermomix bowl and whip 5 min/37°C/Butterfly/speed 3/MC off. Remove egg whites from Thermomix bowl and set aside.


Without cleaning Thermomix bowl, add egg yolks and sugar and whip 5 min/37°C/Butterfly/speed 3/MC off.


Remove Butterfly. Add egg whites and flour and combine 12 sec/Interval. Finish combining any excess with a silicone spatula gently folding.


Spread the cake batter across the prepared tray. Bake 15 minutes or until lightly golden and springy to touch.


Remove from tin and tip out onto another piece of baking paper, sprinkled with golden caster sugar. Peel off base paper.


Roll up with long side towards you while the cake is still warm so it will keep its shape. Turn it seam side down to cool.


When ready to assemble, whip the cream 20-40 sec/Butterfly/speed 4. Remove Butterfly. Stir the lemon or passionfruit curd through with a silicone spatula.


Unroll the cake, and lay it onto the serving platter.


Spread the cream mixture onto the cake, adding a few berries. Carefully re-roll the cake, turning it seam side down. If you over fill it like I did, you end up with the cake boat that you can see in the image, it is not terrible, but of course, not a Swiss roll. Use less filling and serve more on the side if you wish to get the full roll effect. Garnish with lots of berries and of course some icing sugar to finish off.

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