Passionfruit Curd/Butter

Makes 800g Rated:    
by Tenina Holder

This recipe is a fantastic version of Passionfruit curd, that is fully cooked, rather than just stirring the passionfruit through a more traditional Lemon or Citrus Curd at the end. It is a base recipe that you will need to prepare in order to make the Insider only recipe for Passionfruit Ice Cream Meringue Pie...or whatever the hell I called it back when. You can of course eat it completely in any way you choose, including slathered on toast, crumpets, pancakes, scones or fill tartlet shells with them as we did in one of our little Turbo videos for Vanilla Bean Pastry, something I highly recommend trying at least once. But in the meantime, head over to the video, have a look at this one and get it happening.

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