Peppermint Chocolate Bark

Makes a lot Prep Time 2 minutes   Cook Time 45 minutes   Rated:

I love a homemade gift, and there is something about Christmas time that brings out my creative gourmet inner elf…it is of course well documented that I love Chocolate. And I love peppermint, though at the end of December (well let’s face it, on December 26th) when I find myself in posession of way too many errant candy canes, I am left wondering why I bought so many….again….

Still there is always the Peppermint Candy ice cream, which is rather excellent, but this little treat is for before the 25th…so make some today and channel your inner elf. Call it Elf Help…Sorry. Just couldn’t elp myself!

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Place candy canes into Thermomix bowl and chop 1 sec/speed 5. If the pieces are still too large, chop another 1 sec/speed 5. Repeat as needed. You are aiming for pieces, not dust.


Remove most of the candy canes from bowl and set aside.


Place dark chocolate into Thermomix bowl and melt 45 min/37°C/speed 2. Occasionally scrape down sides of bowl as needed.


Pour onto silicone mat or piece of baking paper and spread with a spatula as thinly as possibly.


Sprinkle with the chopped candy canes, pushing the larger pieces into the chocolate so that they ‘stick’.


50g chocolate is too small an amount to melt in the Thermomix bowl, so use a microwave on high at 1minute intervals, stopping and stirring mixture in between until smooth.


When the bark has set, drizzle the melted white chocolate and coconut oil over to decorate.

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