Photo of Almond Mound Bars

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Blog Entries

Almond Mound Bars

By Tenina Holder

Just love a little bounty bar…with an almond in it…and a healthy one? Even better. SO knock yourself up a few of these, and then sit back and enjoy guilt free. I think these are called Almond Mound bars in the USA, and we have them here in OZ, but they are called something different…any ideas as to what? It’s been so long since I bought a candy bar, (no really) that I have no idea. Still, whatever they’re called, I’ll definitely have these in my rotation! Delish!

Almond Mound Bars



  1. Place coconut, oil, salt, vanilla and maple syrup into Thermo bowl and blend 4-6 min/70ºC/speed 8, stopping to scrape down sides of bowl as necessary.

  2. Spread into paper lined tin of choice. Score bars into top and stud each piece with an almond.

  3. Cool in fridge until solid.

  4. Melt chocolate with a few tbsp coconut oil in the microwave on high.

  5. Cut bars through and coat fully in chocolate mixture. Arrange on a cooling rack with paper underneath until set. May need to be refrigerated.