Ebook: Merry Christmix Too, the new and biggest thermomix ebook from ME to YOU!

Ebook: Merry Christmix Too, the new and biggest thermomix ebook from ME to YOU!

Well my lovelies, when the first Merry Christmix ebook was released, I had big plans to release a new one every year. Oops. But only 2 years later, we have a Merry Christmix Too/Two finally...so hit the BUY NOW button, download and print and you are on your way to the easiest, tastiest Christmix ever.

This ebook has nearly FORTY recipes in it, my biggest ebook to date! Consider it a Christmas gift from me and Team Tenina! (And this year there IS actually a team!!)

It is filled with healthy, not so healthy, decadent, yummy, easy, and all delicious Thermomix 31 and Thermomix 5 recipes for both your own Christmas table, your busy entertaining season as well as heaps of gift ideas that could see you being the toast of the friendship circle.

Those Salted Chewy Caramels, are simply to die for...you cannot just eat one and they make an amazing gift.

The Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles are so darn cute that you will want to make several batches just to impress your family and friends....plus they taste so Christmassy.

Of course when it comes to summery salads, (which is standard Aussie Christmas fare) this ebook also has it well covered. The Kale Apple and Walnut salad was so popular in the recent Comfort Foods Classes that I decided to include it in this book as well. Simply good for you, simply simple and simply delish!

We have chocolate recipes in abundance, we have salmon, we have chicken, we have ham, we heaps of vegetarian dishes, we have heaps of gluten free dishes as well. There is nut free, dairy free, but all of these could never be labelled taste free. They have all had to pass the Tenina Taste of Approval test. I am pretty fussy, hopefully you know this by now!

So what are you waiting for? For the price of a bowl of good pasta or salad from a cafe, you will have all the expertise to entertain all through the Silly Season, without going silly. At all.

Merry Christmix Too to you all! Ho Ho Ho and Happy Mixing!

Some warm endorsements from fans! (Thanks lovelies!)

I am not a foodie but someone who loves cooking. When I bought my thermomix I wondered how I would ever master it. Someone told me about Tenina's blog and I found it an enormous help and guide.

Now we have Tenina's cookbooks and ebooks as well. Her classes are fantastic fun, even when you have owned your thermomix for some time.

Not only is Tenina a wizz at creating recipes but she is an amazing person as well.

One very important thing about her recipes is that they always work, and most of all usually look like the photo in the book.

Thanks Tenina.

Jean from Perth

As a nutrition expert and self-confessed 'foodie' I am always seeking out new recipes. One of my first ports of call is Tenina's website Cooking with Tenina. There is always something on there to inspire me. Tenina Holder I swear you were a wizard in a former life and your Thermomix was a cauldron!

The Lunchbox Doctor from London UK

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