Crusty Rye Bread

2 loaves Prep Time 2 hours   Cook Time 25 minutes   Rated:

I love home made bread, and in the busy-ness that has become my life I often throw on a loaf, just to serve with salad and some sliced cold meat. Nothing quite beats the fragrance of a homebaked loaf. Fresh yeast is not essential, but there is no flavour or texture comparison to the dried variety. Fresh yeast is streets ahead. Try it and see how you feel. You can purchase it at most health food shops or continental grocers stock it in massive lumps that they will cut up for you. 100g is about as much as you should buy at a time as it does not keep very long.

To make a gorgeous loaf even more gorgeous is seriously easy when you have a Kleenmaid Steam Oven Combi that also dry cooks…so to those of you without the little appliance luxury that I enjoy, don’t wait, get organised for Christmas (any excuse will do) and get a Steam Oven Combi installed. It is so great to have the chewy textured bread that you get out of it. (Amongst other things of course!!) Cue the butter.

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Place yeast and water into Thermomix bowl and warm 2 min/37ºC/speed 2.


Add flours and salt and knead 3 min/Interval.


Turn out onto floured Silpat mat and knead into a tight ball. Allow to rise until doubled.


Preheat your Steam Oven Combi on the fan plus steam setting to 220ºC. (It beeps when temperature is reached…another fun feature!)


From your dough into a round loaf and dredge with plenty of extra flour. Place onto a piece of baking paper and using a pizza peel slide into the oven without any tray underneath (for maximum chew!!).


Cook 20-25 minutes or until golden and crunchy. You can also cook this in a traditional loaf tin. Best not to grease it at all and let it sweat a little in the tin after baking before removing.


Slice after cooling a little…patience is a virtue! And eat slathered with lots of butter. The pics demonstrate what happens if you do not wait for it to cool before cutting. However, as it cooled, it was amazing. Had excellent crumb and texture. I assure you. But you will just have to bake it and find out!

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