Kouign Amann

Makes 2 batches of 12 Prep Time 8 hours   Cook Time 35 minutes   Rated:    
by Marnee Rinaldi


OK, not going to lie. This has to be one of my favourite things we have done for Insider Club yet. I first tasted Kouign Amann in the USA and was a bit underwhelmed. BUT, then, I travelled to St. Malo in Brittany on the coast of France where they originate from and had them there. Every day. Sometimes more than once. They are simply THE best thing you can turn yeast, flour, butter and sugar and salt into. Hands down. Prounounced ‘Queeney Ah-marn’ the name comes from the Breton words for ‘cake’ Kouign and ‘butter’ Amann. Which is pretty accurate. Just don’t look at the ratio’s. This is not one of your LCHF recipes...just warning you now!

Marnee Rinaldi from Sugar and Nice cafe in Inglewood makes these every weekend for her die hard fans, who line up for these early as she only makes 24. They sell out in minutes. When you taste one, you will know why...as you reach for another one. They are only good fresh and hot. Don’t try premaking them. Do them to order.

You can pre-do everything but the sugar, salt laminating. So that will help a tad, should you add this to your Christmas morning menu...which you totally should! (Oh and you are welcome to send me congratulatory emails about this one. You’re going to love them!)

This recipe will make 2 batches of 12 Amann each. So prep and freeze both dough slab and butter block. Then you are ready to whip it out next time you need them...which will probably be straight away to be honest!

Keep an eye out for other amazing Marnee recipes on here. She is the Queen of Yum herself. Some of the video audio is a bit quiet, but you can still see everything quite clearly. I think some butter got into the microphone...there was so much of it in the air that day!! Enjoy.

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