Ricotta Gnocchi with Browned Butter & Sage

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Serves 4 Prep Time 1 hours   Cook Time Unknown  Rated:

I have nothing to say about this recipe other than you must try it. The dough can be a fiddle, so I suggest starting with less flour and as frustration builds, add flour to help tempers remain calm. However, if you have the patience, the fiddle is absolutely worth it. This is how I love to eat. It just happens to also be a vegetarian masterpiece.

If you have left over gnocchi (what is that?) then by all means, keep them refrigerated or frozen, then bake to reheat, with a drizzle of cream, sage leaves and lots of milled, snowy, parmesan. Easy. Heaven.

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Place 40g parmesan into Thermomix bowl and mill 15 sec/speed 10. Add feta, ricotta, basil and salt and blend 20 sec/speed 6. Add flour and knead 20 sec/Interval. Combine any remaining mixture by hand using the spatula.


Remove from Thermomix bowl and place into the fridge, covered for 1-2 hours. Prepare a tray, covered with a clean tea towel by sifting a small amount of flour onto it.


Bring a large pot of water to the boil while you make the gnocchi. Use approximately 2 tsp of the dough per gnocchi.Form into rough oval shapes. Place onto the floured tray.


Drop 3 or 5 gnocchi at a time into the boiling water, removing when they float to the surface with a slotted spoon. Keep hot in a preheated oven.


To make the sauce, place ½ the butter into a large flat frypan and cook on a medium high heat (Induction 10) until there is a rolling boil. It will spit a little.


Place the sage leaves into it and cook them until crispy. Drain on paper towels. The butter will start to brown and caramelise the milk solids and be very fragrant. This is when you can start cooking the gnocchi, one serving at a time. Working quickly, add some of the gnocchi to the butter and cook until golden.


Place onto serving plate, drizzle with plenty of butter and finish with the crispy sage leaves and additional finely grated parmesan. Repeat until you have finished cooking all the gnocchi.

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