Gourmet Gifting Made Easy!

Gourmet Gifting Made Easy!

Food is the symbol of love when words are inadequate!

Well ho ho ho and all that has come around quicker than ever. If you are still thinking about what to gift and to whom, here are some of our best foodie ideas all wrapped up nicely in one place. Pin this article and refer to it every year. These pressies never get old! Think David Jones food hall treats, but nicer and a lot more heartfelt.

Go with cellophane, ribbon, tinsel, pretty little hand written cards and loads of love. You got this!

Whether you stick to good old straight Lemon Butter/Curd or zhoosh it up with passionfruit, raspberries, vanilla or whatever, there are very few people who wouldn't love a jar of sunshine from you!

Pesto makes a fantastic gift, it can be made well in advance and it will keep really well until gifting. It is also sensationally coloured. We have red, green and yellow pestos, add some homemade grissini and hello Italy in a gift. Bonissimo!

Add some homemade crackers, an idea on how to use this (fantastic with cold sliced ham or turkey) and you are winning.

What is better than homemade Siena cake? (Not a lot) but these chocolate bars come close and you can gift to many people with just the one recipe. Cute!

Christmas isn't Christmas without shortbread. So here you go, one fantastic gifting recipe. I have loads on the site. Just do a search. It might amaze, delight and surprise you!

JUST yes please!

These are a little bit special. You need to be an Insider to access this recipe, so come on in. You won't regret it!

A jar of homemade jam is always a wonder to those who do not make jam. The site is replete with all of the best jam recipes in Thermomix land! So get on with it! Make some for you, for the neighbours, for teachers. Gifting sorted!

This one is fun for the kids to make, not really a recipe as much as it is a suggestion for using up your candy canes excess. Have fun!

Hopefully this little round up will have inspired and motivated you to get in the kitchen for some fun with the end result of gifting to the people you love, something from the heart of the home and you of course!

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