Sourdough Tutorial Day Two

Makes 4 small loaves Prep Time 10 hours   Cook Time 30 minutes   Rated:

You can only begin this process once you have completed all of the processes from DAY ONE TUTORIAL.

Gina’s NOTES day two. Gina’s TOP FIVE SOURDOUGH TIPS (also on video!)

Gina is nothing if not precise, so please download her extensive notes, save them to iBooks and then reference them from there whenever you are mid sourdough prepping or baking.

Seriously this is so easy you never need to buy sourdough again. You will be whipping up all sorts of stuff in no time, gifting bread left right and center and heck, perhaps even starting a market stall. It is all due to The Passionate Pantry, and it’s founder, Gina, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart. Please feel free to ask her any questions and by all means, WE want to see the fruits of your labours all over our Insider Only Facebook group page and elsewhere on social media.

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  • 4 x prepared Day One batches of dough
  • ice, or water in spray bottle
  • additional flour to help shape



On the day you wish to bake, take the bags of dough out of the fridge and place onto your kitchen bench for at least an hour to allow to come to room temperature. (Up to 3 hours is perfectly OK.)


Sprinkle your bench with a whole grain flour of choice. Remove the first batch of dough from the bag. It should tip straight out of the oiled plastic bag.


Sprinkle the top of the dough with some flour and then stretch and fold (as per video) 4-5 times until the dough will no longer stretch easily.


Shape the dough for your tin or baking dish, or banneton of choice. (See NOTES in intro)


Allow the dough to rise 4-8 hours. Do not over rise the dough as you will end up with a large hole in the loaf and it will collapse.


Form each loaf seperately before preheating the oven. You can bake more than one loaf at a time.


Place rack into the middle of the oven. Preheat oven to 235°C fan forced for at least 30 minutes. (This preheating time will vary depending on the quality of your oven. You need a HOT oven for sourdough.


If you wish to slash the tops of your loaves, do so just before baking making sure you use a very sharp knife, do not poke at it, slash evenly with a flat blade across the surface of the risen dough.


Spray dough with a fine mist sprayer or dust generously with plenty of flour. You will get very different looks to your end product depending on which way you go with this.


Place the loaf into the hot oven and cook 10 minutes before reducing the temperature to 225°C and baking a further 20 minutes.

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