Sourdough Tutorial Day One

4 standard loaves Prep Time 20 minutes   Rated:    
by Gina Hughes


Get your Sourdough Starter recipe HERE. Alternatively, find a friend who already is whipping up loaves and grab some from them, or purchase from bread baking specialist stores and follow their instructions before beginning this recipe.

Gina from The Passionate Pantry has been teaching sourdough classes for years. So when she agreed to come and teach the Insiders via video I was totally delighted and I have to say, I am now whipping up a regular batch of sourdough and have made crumpets, brioche and am still thinking up ways to use my leftover starter and other ways to create a sourdough based product...stay tuned Insiders! You are all about to become experts.

Please access all the NOTES for this process here. I have saved them into iBooks and that is how I use the recipe. The video is long, but definitely worth the watching. You will learn a TON. So settle in, print the notes off, grab a notebook, and then get ready to ferment naturally baby!! It is addictive.

Remember, different flours and grains, seeds etc will always give you different results. Tiing may change a little bit here and there, so go with your breadly instincts. Don’t rush the process. This is fantastic. Get creative. You know you want to!!


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