Tempered Chocolate

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Hello there fellow chocoholics...this recipe (well, technique) I think is worth the price of the Insider Club membership alone. Nearly 3 years ago I attended a Bean to Bar class in Melbourne at the Savour Chocolate and Patisserie school...and paid a lot. It was worth every penny mind you! And it ignited a chocolate spark in me that is still burning bright. If you follow me on social media at all, you will know that I even got to go to Ghana this year with Callebaut, my chocolate of choice for all things! It was really really a thrill to be a part of that trip, and I should really tell you more. It was a trip I will always remember.

But I digress...this method is called seeding, and is really the only way you can manage to temper chocolate using the Thermomix. I suggest you stick to the amounts as specified and also use the baking paper strips as demonstrated in the video. There are still variations that can alter the outcome of your results. (Please email me if you have issues!)

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Place the 350g chocolate into the Thermomix bowl.


Melt chocolate 15 min/50°C/speed 2/MC off. Stop part way through and scrape down sides of bowl as required. Check that no chocolate is stuck on top of the blades.


Add the extra 50g chocolate into the melted chocolate (not on top of the blades) and stir 10 min/speed 1/MC off.


Stop occasionally and push the chocolate back down into the base of the Thermomix bowl as required.


Use baking paper strip to test whether is has been tempered correctly. The chocolate will set very quickly on the dipped strip if it is ready! If it is not ready, keep stirring with no heat 1 minute at a time then test again.


Stir the chocolate as needed whilst it cools on speed 1.


Spread across a silpat mat, or use a chocolate mould of choice to make bars or eggs or whatever you are wanting. Add nuts, dried fruit, cacao nibs etc to give texture and additional tastes.

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