Ten of our Best Summertime Pasta Recipes

Ten of our Best Summertime Pasta Recipes

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta." - Federico Fellini.

I'm not sure if you eat pasta all year round, but we do. I couldn't go a whole summer without some sort of pasta carby goodness. Here are a few of my favourite pasta recipes that work well in hot weather. I remember when the kids were young I would often cook up a load of short pasta and add literally everything salady to it that I could, plenty of mayonnaise and maybe a tin of tuna or something and that was dinner. We all loved it. The hardest part was the boiling of the pasta. So let yourself relax on the difficult dinners this summer and just follow suit. Easy. Delicious. Filling.

(Oh and yes there are a couple of noodle recipes in this bunch, but you know, you say pasta, I say noodle...same same.)

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